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This Makes Coming Into the Office Awesome

Just received this email from Timothy W., from Traverse City MI. He writes:

I don’t normally do this, but I’ve found an AMERICAN company whose products actually work, and work WELL!!! So I had to write to thank you for your hard work and integrity in a world filled with automotive charlatans and snake-oil marketing.

Main seal leak stop saved my tractor. Oil leak stop saved my aging Subaru. Rislone keeps all my engines running clean and quiet, even with several hundred thousand miles! And Bar’s Leaks has saved several radiators and heat exchangers. In a day and age where money does not go very far, your products help the average joe to keep a leg up, and repairs down, on a consistant basis!! I couldn’t have kept three cars going through Northern Michigan’s brutal seasons, while putting a kid through college without some help, and that came through in the form of several Bar’s Products. Thank you folks, for your excellent products, and for keeping it simple, non-corporate, and integrity-based. Proud to be a fellow Michigander (Traverse City). Keep up the good work. You’ve got a devoted customer and free word-of-mouth advertising for life.

Sincerely, Tim W.

Tim, you rock for taking the time to send that to us. Believe us when we say your note got passed around to everyone, including the President and managment stuff.

Thanks again, Tim!

“Rarely does any product work as intended, but yours absolutely does!”

Richard from Black Canyon City, AZ, just sent us this awesome testimonial about our Bar’s Leaks Liquid Copper Block Seal Intake & Radiator Stop Leak (part 1109). This is what he writes: 1109 PNG

Last year I bought a ’96 Mustang GT, knowing at the time the head gasket was going out soon (180k at the time I bought it and a noticeable “loss” of coolant each week).

As-is, the car ran OK for about 6-months, but I still hadn’t found the time to get the repair done. Last month it overheated twice on my commute to work, so I picked up a bottle of your Liquid Copper and decided to try it (trying to buy a little more time before I had to overhaul the engine). To my surprise (I’ve tried other products on vehicles in the past, each one doing more damage than good) your product immediately smoothed out the idle and eliminated the coolant loss! The leak is between the #2 and #3 cylinders (these fouled out minutes after changing the plugs) and I was losing about 2 gallons a day prior to treating my car with your product!!

You’ve got a customer for life because the product actually worked as suggested! Rarely does any product work as intended, but yours absolutely does! I want to thank you guys for creating such a great product! Because your product has worked beyond my own expectations, I’ve got time to save and prepare for a proper overhaul on my Mustang!

Richard, thanks a million for taking the time to tell us about your experience. The #1 issue we combat every day is to prove our solutions are a cut above everything else out there, because as you write, not all are created equal.

Thanks again, and send a picture of your Mustang along and we’ll get it posted!

What Does Ice Have to Do With Head Gaskets?

Check out the video below. In it, Nat Geo TV host Tim Shaw challenges ice experts to predict which ice block will be most resistant to being broken with a sledgehammer: one made of plain ice, one with steel in it, one with sand and one with cotton balls.

Did you watch the whole thing? Were you surprised that the one with cotton balls was the strongest?

It’s because the cotton strands act as fibers that hold the ice together, much like rebar keeps holds road concrete together.

Okay, fine, but what does this have to do with head gaskets?

Our strongest head gasket product, Bar’s Leaks Head Gasket & Cooling Sealant (part HG-1), uses carbon fibers to help form the seal. That’s the reason why this product is the strongest we’ve ever developed, and vastly stronger than competing products.

Products that do not use this technology are like a plain block of ice: brittle, and once the seal gets compromised at all, the entire thing fails.

With fibers, even if the seal comes under immense amounts of pressure, the bond holds, because the tension of the seal is maintained by the fibers inside.

Choose your head gasket repair product carefully. Not all are created equal, and the science behind them isn’t the same.

Bar’s Leaks and the Historic 1958 USS Nautilus Mission

Wade A. from North Carolina has a keen eye while reading: in the book “Nautilus 90  North,” he noticed that the stop leak Commander Anderson used in the 1958 Nautilus submarine voyage under the Arctic ice cap was the same stuff you can buy in stores for your car.

Yes, you read that right: Bar’s Leaks was used successfully in a historic nuclear submarine voyage under the North Pole ice. We talk about it more in-depth on our company history page here.

Most people aren’t aware of this, so hats off to Wade for drawing the connection, and taking the time to write us a letter and send us a copy of the book “Nautilus 90 North.” (See photo below.)

Our customers are the best anywhere. Period. Thanks to all of you who make this business so worthwhile.


Can Bar’s Leaks be used in an ’05 Freightliner semi tractor? You bet it can.

fliner-2Sometimes, less is more. So when Rich G. sent us a quick testimonial and pictures of him using our Bar’s Leaks Radiator Stop Leak Concentrate 2X (p/n 1194 or 1196, depending on size needed), we thought it was awesome. Rich writes:

Excellent results on my ’05 Freightliner in a serious time of need. Will recommend and continue to use your products. Thank you.

No, thank you for choosing our products, Rich. And double thanks for sending along some pictures!