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Bar’s Leaks and the Historic 1958 USS Nautilus Mission

Wade A. from North Carolina has a keen eye while reading: in the book “Nautilus 90  North,” he noticed that the stop leak Commander Anderson used in the 1958 Nautilus submarine voyage under the Arctic ice cap was the same stuff you can buy in stores for your car.

Yes, you read that right: Bar’s Leaks was used successfully in a historic nuclear submarine voyage under the North Pole ice. We talk about it more in-depth on our company history page here.

Most people aren’t aware of this, so hats off to Wade for drawing the connection, and taking the time to write us a letter and send us a copy of the book “Nautilus 90 North.” (See photo below.)

Our customers are the best…

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Can Bar’s Leaks be used in an ’05 Freightliner semi tractor? You bet it can.

Sometimes, less is more. So when Rich G. sent us a quick testimonial and pictures of him using our Bar’s Leaks Radiator Stop Leak Concentrate 2X (p/n 1194 or 1196, depending on size needed), we thought it was awesome. Rich writes:
Excellent results on my ’05 Freightliner in a serious time of need. Will recommend and continue to use your products. Thank you.
No, thank you for choosing our products, Rich. And double thanks for sending along some pictures!


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“It works beautifully.”

Bar’s Leaks Head Gasket Fix (p/n 1111) on his Northstar 4.6L engine:
I applied your product for a blown head gasket problem on a 4.6 L aluminum Northstar engine (1999 Cadilac). It works beautifully. Symptoms have disappeared. Well worth the minimal cost.
Sometimes, it’s that simple. Here, “simple” means Bar’s Leaks Head Gasket Fix saved Russel over $1,500.

That’s real money, no matter how you cut it.

Thanks for choosing our products Russel, and thanks for taking the time to tell us about your success!


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“Will keep a bottle in every vehicle from now on!”

Nothing is nicer than heading into a holiday weekend with a great testimonial emailed to us by a customer. This time, it’s Bob S. from Springfield, VA, who used our original Bar’s Leaks Pelletized Heavy Duty Stop Leak (p/n PLT11) combined with Bar’s Leaks Radiator Stop Leak 2X Concentrate (p/n 1194) to get his family back from a road trip safely. Bob says:
Was halfway through a 4,000 mile family road trip and developed a cracked radiator on a 5.4 L Ford E150; leaking a quart of fluid every 300 miles. One bottle of pelletized Bar’s got me from Dallas to San Antonio to Houston to Pensacola to Montgomery in 104 degree heat over three days; a bottle of 2X concentrate…

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“This Is the ONLY One I Have Used that Actually Worked!”

We just received this email from Cody C. from Boise, Idaho. Cody used Bar’s Leaks Cooling System Repair 2-Part Formula (p/n 1150) on his Ford Bronco II, which he said had a “very, very bad leak”:
I had an extremely bad leak on my 1988 Ford Bronco II. From what i could tell it was coming from the water pump pulley area. I put the Bar’s Leaks Cooling System Repair 2-Part formula in. Now to explain a little more this was a very, very bad leak, to the point where i would have to put coolant in daily!

Within twenty minutes of driving around the leak was stopped 100 percent! I have used a lot of…

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