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Buyer’s Guide: Preparing Your Car For Colder Temperatures (Especially Your Radiator)

By far the number one question we get this time of year is, “What can I do to prepare my car for winter?” We know other companies run promotions around this, but the purpose of this article isn’t to advertise to you. It’s to help you prepare your car for cooler weather based on the decades of data we have about what goes wrong when temperatures drop.

There are three main things you need to do to winterize your car. These things serve as a very effective insurance policy against breakdowns, overheating and other temperature-related car problems.

Full radiator flush — help clean and prepare your radiator for cold weather. Your radiator is the heart of your car during fall and winter. Because of this, it’s…

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When an Oil Leak Gets Ugly: The Oil-Soaked Starter

One of the symptoms of a oil leak that almost nobody talks about is when oil saturates and damages a starter. This equals a (sometimes expensive) repair, and if left unchecked the leak can go on to cause other issues. Bad news all around. We know. We talk to tech line callers about it frequently.

Typically, when you notice an oil-covered starter, the oil leak is coming from the engine’s rear main seal, which unfortunately is common, especially in older cars. With today’s attention on keeping cars longer, it pays to take care of oil leaks before they rack up repair bills. What starts with a small oil drop on the driveway here and there can quickly escalate into a damaged starter and other problems.


Bar’s Leaks Block Seal: “Rarely does any product work as intended, but yours absolutely does!”

Richard from Black Canyon City, AZ, just sent us this awesome testimonial about our Bar’s Leaks Liquid Copper Block Seal Intake & Radiator Stop Leak (part 1109). This is what he writes: 
Last year I bought a ’96 Mustang GT, knowing at the time the head gasket was going out soon (180k at the time I bought it and a noticeable “loss” of coolant each week).

As-is, the car ran OK for about 6-months, but I still hadn’t found the time to get the repair done. Last month it overheated twice on my commute to work, so I picked up a bottle of your Liquid Copper and decided to try it (trying to buy a little…

Introducing Bar’s Leaks Valve Seal Oil Consumption Repair (p/n VS-1) – The Solution to Stop Oil Burning & Leaking

Low oil levels. Chances are, you’ve been there.

It could be because you have a small leak, one that’s hard to pinpoint. Or you could be burning obvious oil – blue exhaust smoke is the dead giveaway. Or, maybe you have the sneakiest problem: you’re burning oil and can hardly tell. Even new cars with modern engines do this, and you only find out when you get your oil changed and you learn you’ve been driving a quart low for weeks.

We’re proud to introduce the best solution for any oil consumption problem: Bar’s Leaks Valve Seal Oil Consumption Repair (p/n VS–1). It’s a professional-grade solution to a problem that affects more cars than…

Dealing with a Blown Head Gasket: Choosing the Right Head Gasket Fix

When talking about a blown head gasket, the first question we get asked about our head gasket solutions is, “How do I know which one to choose?”

Good question. We have three main products to address blown head gasket issues: our Bar’s Leaks Head Gasket Repair (p/n 1100), Bar’s Leaks Head Gasket Fix (p/n 1111) and Bar’s Leaks Professional Carbon Fiber Block Seal Head Gasket & Cooling Sealant (p/n HG-1).


All three are meant to deal with head gasket leaks, but there are differences. I’m going to discuss each product here, starting with our strongest.

Our Professional Carbon Fiber…