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What Could Cause a Transmission Leak?

Ask anyone who knows cars what kind of leak they dread the most, and they’ll probably say an automatic transmission fluid leak. Automatic transmissions are incredibly complex, and they’re not easily accessible.

If you have to drop a transmission and replace lines or a seal, you’re looking at a lot of time, money and effort. Your vehicle will also be out of service for a long time. Since some transmission aren’t easily serviced, even if you’re mechanically inclined, you’ll likely have to take it to a professional transmission shop and pay their high rates.

Thankfully, we have a better solution. For mild to moderate automatic transmission fluid leaks, our Bar’s Leaks products are your fast, affordable and…

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Why Does an Automatic Transmission Leak?

An automatic transmission is a hard-working part of any vehicle. Multiple gears are spinning at high speeds as you drive, and these gears need constant lubrication. That’s what your automatic transmission fluid is for — to help dissipate the heat generated from the mechanical movement.

Many modern automatic transmissions are sealed and shouldn’t require regular service, but that doesn’t mean they can’t suffer a leak. Older transmissions are obviously more prone to leaks and need to be checked frequently for the proper transmission fluid level.

Running an automatic transmission with low (or no) fluid is a big no-no. Your transmission isn’t designed to operate without fluid, and when the oil isn’t present to lubricate the gears, metal-on-metal…

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Symptoms of a Power Steering Leak

Modern cars come equipped with a power steering system to make driving at low speeds a breeze. While some make use of electric steering assist, the bulk of cars on the road today use a hydraulic oil to provide power assist when you turn the steering wheel. Like with any fluid under your hood, your power steering fluid needs to be at the right level to function properly. There are several symptoms of a power steering leak you can watch out for as a hint that your system needs attention:

Low fluid level: Most people check their oil and coolant level frequently, but they forget to check their power steering fluid level. However, it is critical to…

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How to Fix an Antifreeze Leak in Your Car

Have you ever started your car to find the ‘Low Coolant’ light come on or discovered a large pool of coolant under your vehicle? Have you been driving down the road and noticed the ‘Check Engine’ light come on?

If you have, you know what a hassle it is. Running low on coolant is at the very least an inconvenience, and in extreme cases, it can damage your engine and result in high repair costs. It’s important to frequently inspect your vehicle for coolant problems and make sure you stop them as soon as they start. There are several ways to fix an antifreeze leak in your car, but you have to start by identifying the…

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What Can Cause an Antifreeze Leak From Your Car?

Antifreeze is critical to safe operation of your vehicle. It protects your engine from overheating by taking the heat from your engine and cooling it with the outside air flowing through your radiator. It also keeps your cooling system water from freezing in cold temperatures. Additionally, it acts as a rust inhibitor inside your engine, piping and radiator. As an important under-hood fluid, your antifreeze needs to be checked regularly, especially on older vehicles.

An antifreeze leak can be caused by many different things:

A blown head gasket can allow your coolant and engine oil to mix. This is dangerous for your engine and can cause a major catastrophic failure. Even if it doesn’t cause a breakdown right…

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