Bar’s Products Family of Brands

Bar’s Leaks, the automotive aftermarket chemical brand, is a proud member of the Bar’s Products family of brands. With over 65 years of chemical experience and know-how, their team of engineers have developed innovative aftermarket products to quickly fix the toughest of leaks. Whether you have a leaky radiator or a blown head gasket, you can trust that Bar’s Leaks will get you back on the road in no time.

The Bar’s Products family of brands is made up of dedicated, life-long care lovers, chemical engineers and problem solvers. Their mission is to develop easy-to-use products that are specially formulated to seal the problem from within, so you can get back to your life — all while avoiding costly repair bills. Bar’s Leaks continuously works to make their product line the best it can be, fitting effortlessly into your lifestyle and budget.

The Bar’s Products family of brands have been making “three-minute mechanics” out of people for over 65 years with their award winning products, for all types of vehicles and all types of leaks. Not sure what product you need to fix your leak? Head over to the Bar’s Leaks Three Minute Mechanic guide to find the product that meets your automotive repair needs.

Bar’s Leaks. Stop Leaks. Not Life.