Bar’s Products Holly Michigan

Bar’s Products in Holly Michigan is the parent company to the automotive aftermarket chemical brand, Bar’s Leaks, with over 65 years of extensive history and know-how. The company has a cutting-edge track record in chemical engineering innovation — leaky radiators and blown head gaskets won’t stand a chance against these powerful products.

The passionate engineering team behind Bar’s Products in Holly Michigan continues to evolve over time and with automotive technological changes to bring you the best quality stop-leak products in the industry. If you are looking for an easy and safe way to fix a leak in your vehicle without having to spend hundreds of dollars at the repair shop, look no further than Bar’s Leaks. Their extensive product line was created to meet all your automotive repair needs.

Bar’s Products in Holly Michigan creates top-of-the-line automotive repair products that are quick, safe and easy to use. Bar’s Leaks’ team of dedicated, life-long car lovers, chemical engineers and problem solvers do everything they can to develop innovative products that help you get your show back on the road.