“An Absolute MIRACLE Product!”

L. G. Lotrey from Novi, MI writes about our famous Bar’s Leaks Liquid Radiator Stop Leak product:

The C-16 is an absolute MIRACLE PRODUCT !!! It completely cured my daughter’s 1997 Ford Escort head gasket leak. I know you have other products more specifically meant for head gaskets, but we weren’t totally sure it was just the head gasket. The C-16 covered more areas of concern.

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We had been fighting a nagging coolant leak which was never visible, only indication were bubbles observed inside the overflow bottle – even at idle. She leaked at least 1 gallon a week for months. I didn’t want to spend $$$ for someone else or for me to do a head gasket job on this older car. So, Ielected to use your product, only one bottle, and ran it for 30 mins. Lo and behold, this car never saw another drop of anti-freeze for 2 years after Bar’s Leaks was added. We just sold the car and the coolant system is still ROCK SOLID. I’m a retired Ford engineer and was very skeptical about this fixing a head gasket leak for under $10. You made a believer out of me. Thanks to your team!!

(P.S. – my dad and I used to sell your product at our Gulf Station 40 years ago, where we used it extenstively to repair radiators – just didn’t know it would do such a great job with HEAD GASKET leaks!!)

Thanks, L. G., for choosing our products and reaching out to tell us how they worked for you. Needless to say, we’re happy our C16 worked for you and solved your head gasket issue. Thanks a ton!

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