Tech Tip: Keep Your (Car’s) Cool This Summer

Don’t Overheat: Summer Heat Can Lead to Breakdowns in Cars

Trust us. We know. We hear from customers every year.

Cooling system problems are a leading cause of vehicle breakdowns, especially in extreme heat. There are three important steps to maximize vehicle cooling performance this summer.

  1. Clean the system. Time for new coolant? Flush the system first to remove the deposits, solder bloom, oily residue, coolant gel, rust and scale that can contribute to overheating. Clean systems run cooler. Products like Rislone Hy-per Cool Radiator Cleaner & Super Flush not only cleans the system in 30 minutes or less, but it also includes water pump lubricant and corrosion inhibitors to protect the pump.
  2. Look for and seal any leaks. Signs of a cooling system leak include overheating, the sweet smell of burning antifreeze, fluid on the garage floor, and the frequent need to add coolant. A proven chemical solution like our Bar’s Leaks High Mileage Cooling System Repair (P/N 1150) can quickly seal any cooling system leaks, prevent overheating and even protect the system against future problems.
  3. Give your coolant a boost. Powerful coolant additives like Rislone Hy-per Cool Super Coolant are designed to help engine coolant more efficiently transfer heat to keep cylinder heads cool and reduce the likelihood of detonation, power loss and damage. Track-proven Super Coolant reduces engine temperatures up to 30 degrees F to prevent overheating and improve engine efficiency, fuel economy, power and performance.

There you have it. A quick trip down the auto chemicals aisle at your favorite auto parts store can make the difference this summer between you cruising down the highway…and breaking down next to the highway.

Learn more about Bar’s Leaks High-Mileage Cooling System Repair and the rest of our best-known brand of cooling system stop leaks at, or call (800) 345-6572 (M-F, 9 am – 5 pm EDT) if you have specific questions about your situation. You can also message us on Facebook if that’s more your thing.

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