Bar’s Leaks® Professional Main Seal™ Motor Oil Leak Repair (MS-1) Quickly Stops Oil Leaks in High-Mileage Vehicles

Professional-grade synthetic formula stops all oil leaks without degrading motor oil

We talk to customers all the time about this. Literally every day.

Oil leaks on older, high-mileage vehicles are usually the result of aging seals and gaskets that are losing the ability to keep oil from seeping out of the engine. Unfortunately for the owners of these vehicles, finding the cause of the leak and then replacing the bad seal or gasket is a time-consuming and expensive job. For those who can’t afford a mechanical repair, Bar’s Leaks has an inexpensive solution. New Bar’s Leaks Professional Main Seal Motor Oil Leak Repair (P/N MS-1) is a high-tech synthetic blend of the best seal restorer additives and polymers to stop all engine oil leaks, guaranteed. It’s the most powerful oil leak repair solution on the market anywhere.

Here’s the root cause: oil leaks commonly occur as engine seals harden and shrink from the plasticizers being removed over time, and as the miles add up. Extended storage (like winter or seasonal storage) can also cause drying and hardening of seals, leading to shrinking and cracking, and consequently leaking. Other oil stop leaks on the market can stop some leaks, but not all of them. Some may even degrade the motor oil, which is the last thing you want.

“Bar’s Leaks Main Seal Motor Oil Leak Repair is a top-of-the-line, commercial-grade product designed to repair any oil leak in just one dose,” says Clay Parks, vice president of development for Bar’s Leaks. “It is without a doubt the best oil stop leak money can buy. We’re so confident in this product, that we back it with a limited lifetime warranty. Plus, because it’s a synthetic blend, Main Seal Motor Oil Leak Repair won’t degrade the engine’s oil.”

Bar’s Leaks Main Seal Motor Oil Leak Repair works in two ways to solve engine oil leaks originating at the rear or front main seal, as well as camshaft, crankshaft and timing cover seals:

  1. A specially engineered seal-rejuvenating additive restores seal size, flexibility and elasticity lost due to engine heat, age and high mileage.
  2. An advanced seal polymer additive package works by building a polymeric film around the seal to help prevent excess oil from bypassing the seal during normal engine operation.

Bar’s Leaks Main Seal Motor Oil Leak Repair is proven safe to use in all gasoline, diesel, turbocharged and racing engines. It works with all types of motor oil, including regular petroleum, high mileage, synthetic blends and fully synthetic. One quart bottle treats oil capacity from 5 to 7 quarts, and can easily replace a quart of oil when needed or during an oil change.

Have questions about your particular oil leak, and if this product is right for you? Please contact us and we’ll have our Technical Support team help you out ASAP.

Bar’s Leaks products are formulated and manufactured in the USA. Always have been. Always will be.

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