How Engine Oil Works

Most of us know that oil “lubricates” our engine, but do we really know what that means? Knowing a bit about how engine oil works can give you a greater appreciation for the importance of regular oil changes and maintaining the correct quality and level of oil in your vehicle. Remember, maintenance beats repair every time.

However, if it comes down to a leak repair, we have a wide range of engine oil products that help seal leaks, repair gaskets, reduce smoking and cure a number of other engine oil-related problems. Take a moment to learn how engine oil works under your hood – it’s an easy, non-technical lesson. Promise!

How Oil Flows Through an Engine

When your engine is off, your motor oil accumulates in your oil pan. The oil pump is responsible for pumping oil to the top of your engine so that it can lubricate all of the moving parts which become subject to heat and wear (friction). The pressure created by the pump keeps oil circulating while your engine is running. As soon as you turn your engine off, the oil drains back down into the oil pan.

Why Is It Important to Lubricate an Engine?

Friction between metallic components — like your pistons and cylinders — creates huge amounts of heat and can cause severe damage in a very short time. That’s why running with a low engine oil level is such a bad idea – do it long enough and an engine can “seize,” which means get friction-bound and quite likely destroyed. Modern engine oils are engineered to offer improved lubrication at temperature and speed extremes and need to be replaced as they break down (this time between installation and the oil change is called the ‘service interval’).

Additives Make Lubricants Multi-Functional

Special additives — either included in the original oil formulation or added to your engine like our Bar’s Leaks products — can give your oil multi-functional attributes. It can work to improve corrosion resistance, reduce the creation of harmful acids and maintain a consistent viscosity at hot and cold temperatures, as well as during the lifespan of your oil between oil changes. With some of our engine oil products, certain chemical ingredients can stay in the oil over time, seeking out small leaks and sealing them from within, preventing a larger leak problem from forming.

At Bar’s Leaks, we understand the importance of proper engine lubrication. We carry a wide range of proven products that stop leaks and help improve the quality of your engine oil for performance, fuel economy and reliability gains. Find a nearby distributor with our online locator or fill out our contact form for more information or obtain assistance finding the right engine oil product for your vehicle.

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