Tech Tip: How to Solve Mysterious Oil Issues in Older Vehicles

Bar’s Leaks New Professional Oil Seal Repair remedies oil leaking, burning and consumption – safely and affordably

Older cars and oil leaks. You’ve heard this story before, right?

Fixing oil problems common in older vehicles, including minor to moderate leaks, burning oil and low oil levels due to slow consumption, used to start with diagnosing the problem. What was going on? What was leaking? Unfortunately, proper diagnosis requires the customer to accurately describe the issues, so the counterperson can recommend the most appropriate solution. Until now.

Bar’s Leaks® new Professional Oil SealEngine Oil Burning & Leak Repair ends the oil guessing game, because it is a single product guaranteed to permanently stop ALL engine oil loss caused by leaks, over-consumption (like valve seal leaks) and burning. The professional-grade formula is a unique blend of synthetic polymers combined with premium seal-restoring additives that work together in four ways to create a long-lasting repair:

  • A seal-rejuvenating additive restores seal size, flexibility and elasticity lost to engine heat, age, high mileage or extended vehicle storage. This prevents oil from leaking past the seals and burning in the combustion chamber.
  • An advanced seal polymer builds a polymeric film around the seal that keeps excess oil from bypassing the seal during normal engine operation.
  • A high-grade detergent formulation works to dissolve gunk and carbon on piston oil rings, allowing them to operate properly.
  • Special synthetic polymers fill in the inevitable small scratches and wear marks caused by normal engine operation that allow oil to pass and burn, resulting in blue exhaust smoke.

One 16.9 oz. bottle of Oil Seal Engine Oil Burning & Leak Repair (P/N OS-1) solves the most common oil consumption problems in all gasoline and diesel engines in cars, trucks, vans and SUVs. It is also effective in a wide range of other motor applications such as tractors, boats, RVs, motorcycles, ATVs, and lawn equipment. It works with all types of motor/engine oil, including regular petroleum, high-mileage, synthetic blends and fully synthetic formulas.

It’s literally a one-bottle fix that takes only minutes to install.

Oil Seal Engine Oil Burning & Leak Repair is also insanely easy to use. The no-hassle formula can be added when the oil is low or during an oil change. Once added, it starts to work within 15 minutes of driving or idling the vehicle. In most cases, the oil leak will be repaired with a single dose.

If you want more information, or to chat with someone about whether this product is right for you, no worries. We have you covered. Drop us an email via our support page, or hit us up on Facebook. We’re happy to help.

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