The Environmental Consequences of Automated Fluid Leaks

When you have an automotive fluid leak, you’re likely aware of the problems it causes to your vehicle. Low fluid levels — be it engine oil, coolant, transmission fluid or any other fluid — can create major problems and force your vehicle off the road (and put some hurt on your wallet). If these fluid levels are low because of leaks in your lines, gaskets and fittings, there’s another problem to worry about: environmental damage.

Effects of Automotive Fluid Leaks on the Environment

Oil and coolant leaks not only cause unattractive stains on our driveways, parking lots and roads, but they can also seep into the ground and pollute waterways. It’s important to understand the consequences of motor oil, coolant and other fluid pollution and seal leaks when they first appear:

  • Motor oil: Motor oil is a thick, dark fluid that breaks down with heat to release harmful hydrocarbons. Engine oil can affect the growth and health of animals and foliage alike, which is why you want to avoid letting an engine oil leak reach the soil and waterways.
  • Radiator coolant: The major chemical component of engine coolant is ethylene glycol, a serious health hazard for humans and animals. Despite the bitter taste of modern automotive coolant, children, pets, animals, fish and plants can all be affected by leaking coolant.
  • Transmission fluid: Automatic transmission fluid is thicker than engine oil and tends to stay around for a long time. Heating by the sun releases hydrocarbons, which in turn add to city smog levels and increase air pollution that affects breathing and causes respiratory problems.

It’s easy to see how even a small engine fluid leak can lead to bigger environmental and health issues (just ask anyone who lives in Puget Sound about the very serious waterway pollution that’s affecting their entire area). Stopping a leak when it first arises can help avoid these environmental consequences and keep your vehicle in perfect running shape.

Choose the Bar’s Leaks Product That Addresses Your Leak

For over 70 years, Bar’s Leaks has been helping motorists keep their cars on the road with our proven lineup of advanced, award-winning stop leak products. At the first sign of a leak, choose the Bar’s Leaks formulation that is designed for your fluid — engine oil, radiator coolant, transmission fluid, etc. In most cases, a single application is all it takes to stop your leak for good. The benefits are many:

  • Stopping your leak helps avoid annoying and costly breakdowns.
  • You avoid creating environmental consequences that affect everyone.
  • You save money by avoiding the need to replace your fluids over and over.

Find out for yourself what countless customers already know: Bar’s Leaks is the easy and affordable solution for all types of vehicle fluid leaks! You can use our online locator to find a distributor near you and get your Bar’s Leaks solution today.

We are also available to answer any questions you might have. You can contact our Michigan-based support team using our online contact form. We can guide you to the perfect solution for your fluid leak and make sure you’re not only running reliably, but that you’re also running without creating adverse environmental consequences due to fluid leaks.

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