Why is my Car Leaking Oil When the Engine is Cold?

It’s easy to assume that engine oil leaks will be more prevalent when the engine is running. When an engine is running, oil pressure increases, which makes it more likely that engine oil will leak. Quite often, however, we can see engine oil leaks that occur when a vehicle is parked and the engine is cold. Here’s why.

VS-1When your engine is hot, the block, head and other metallic components expand. This expansion can force components closer, squeeze gaskets and seals tighter and create a seal that effectively prevents oil from leaking. When you turn off your engine and it starts to cool down, the metals contract, which can open gaps between seals and mating components. The result is a leak that only occurs when the engine is cold. Fun? Not really.

This kind of leak needs to be repaired. All leaks will eventually get worse, and if it happens when you’re driving, you risk breaking down and causing major engine damage. Oil is an engine’s lifeblood – your engine needs the right amount of oil for lubrication and cooling, so even a small oil leak can lead to big problems.

Thankfully, there’s a fast, easy and affordable solution. Instead of taking your car to a mechanic for costly and time-consuming repairs, simply use one of our industry-proven Bar’s Leaks engine oil leak repair products. They’re designed to seal engine oil leaks that occur when your engine is cold or hot. You can choose from:

Simply follow the easy instructions printed on the bottle and let our advanced stop leak products do their work – with millions of bottles sold, they’ve been proven effective time and time again. They’ll stop your cold engine leaks and let you enjoy many more miles. Our oil leak repair formulations work with different engine oils and are compatible with new and late-model vehicles alike. Simply use our handy store locator to find the store nearest you that carries our popular lineup of Bar’s Leaks engine oil stop leak products. Always have a bottle ready for the first sign of a cold engine oil leak and solve the problem before it ruins your day – or your wallet.

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