How to Fix a Blown Head Gasket Affordably

Blown head gasket repair has traditionally been considered an expensive headache. Typically, it would involve removing the head of your engine, pulling off the blown gasket, cleaning the block and head surfaces, reinstalling the gasket and bolting the head back in place — taking care to get the head bolts tightened properly. This all adds up, big time, and it’s not anyone’s idea of a fun weekend.

With today’s complex engines, mechanically fixing a blown head gasket involves removing many auxiliary parts and accessories. In the case of older engines, it can mean replacing tired old parts that are worn or broken. As you can imagine, this quickly becomes a long and expensive affair. A head gasket itself is expensive to purchase, and when you add in the cost of additional parts and the hours involved for installation, a blown head gasket often means your car is headed for the scrapyard (depending on its market value, of course).


Thankfully we have a solution. Bar’s Leak blown head gasket repair products are a permanent solution for a blown head gasket and let you get many more miles out of your engine. You can repair your head gasket for a fraction of the price of a physical rebuild and keep your vehicle on the road. We’re talking award-winning products, ones that have been sold to over 5M customers. In fact, our strongest solution won a 2016 PTEN Top 100 products award.

Safe, Affordable, Effective Repair…in a Hurry

Not only are our blown head gasket repairs affordable, but they’re also fast and easy to install. An engine tear-down and physical head gasket repair takes many hours and keeps your vehicle off the road for several days in general. Our Bar’s Leaks head gasket repair products, however, couldn’t be easier to use:

    • Once you’ve detected a blown head gasket, it’s important to act quickly. At the first sign of a coolant leak — smell, puddling, low coolant level, engine roughness or low power — stop driving your car.
    • Check the condition of your coolant. Our products can be used directly in any type of coolant, but repairing a blown head gasket is a good occasion to drain and replace your coolant.
    • Choose the Bar’s Leaks head gasket repair product that suits best your head gasket problem. Options include Head Gasket Fix, Head Gasket Repair, Head Seal Blown Seal Gasket Repair or Liquid Copper.


  • Follow the instructions on the product. You’ll see that it’s simply a matter of opening the radiator cap or coolant reservoir tank and pouring the product in. Our products work in both gasoline and diesel engines.

Unlike many products on the market, Bar’s Leaks blown head gasket repair products are permanent and they will not clog or damage your engine. (Hint: if your cooling system is dirty or hasn’t been maintained, we strongly recommend you perform a flush/cleaning first.) Formulated to seal mild to moderate head gasket leaks, our products have been used in OEM and military applications, as well as repair facilities by professional technicians. We’re an industry leader in low-cost, high-value head gasket leak repair because our products work. With over 5M sold, it’s as simple as that!

Sometimes, there’s no need for a costly and time-consuming physical head gasket repair. If your leak is mild to moderate (and not severe), opt instead for the affordable and effective solution that’s been proven to work for over 60 years. Remember to keep a close eye on your coolant level and any signs of a blown head gasket, and take advantage of our reliable, award-winning Bar’s Leaks products for all your head gasket leaks.

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