What Does Ice Have to Do With Head Gaskets?

Nat Geo TV host Tim Shaw challenged ice experts to predict which ice block will be most resistant to being broken with a sledgehammer: one made of plain ice, one with steel in it, one with sand and one with cotton balls.

Are you surprised that the one with cotton balls is the strongest?

It’s because the cotton strands act as fibers that hold the ice together, much like rebar keeps holds road concrete together.

Okay, fine, but what does this have to do with head gaskets?

Our strongest head gasket product, Bar’s Leaks Head Gasket & Cooling Sealant (part HG-1), uses carbon fibers to help form the seal. That’s the reason why this product is the strongest we’ve ever developed, and vastly stronger than competing products.

Products that do not use this technology are like a plain block of ice: brittle, and once the seal gets compromised at all, the entire thing fails.

With fibers, even if the seal comes under immense amounts of pressure, the bond holds, because the tension of the seal is maintained by the fibers inside.

Choose your head gasket repair product carefully. Not all are created equal, and the science behind them isn’t the same.

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