We Still Get Handwritten Testimonials

99% of the customer testimonials we get are via our web form or email or Facebook page, but every now and again we get some sent to us via the old school method — snail mail.

We also occasionally get a caller or emailer who insists we make up our testimonials, that the hundreds upon hundreds of testimonals we have aren’t real. Well, we hate to break the news, but every single testimonial we get is real, from a real person who gave us permission to use their statement. We are a family owned business, and we wouldn’t dare manufacture customer testimonials or comments. That’s not how you stay in business for over 50 years.

Going through some testimonial archives, here are three we received last year in written form. In this digital world, it’s cooler than you think to receive something in the mail like this.

Bottom line: our customers are awesome.





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