Head Gasket Repair

Head Gasket Repair

In need of an easy and affordable head gasket repair? Check out our professional-grade Bar’s Leaks Blown Head Gasket Repair! This product will avoid you a costly trip to the mechanic’s bay by giving you a quick, easy and safe solution for your vehicle’s coolant-related head gasket issues. Not to mention, our products are designed with reinforcing fibers that provide you with a permanent fix rather than a “quick fix” like most other products in the industry.

Our head gasket repair is a professional-strength sealant that penetrates the leaking, blown or damaged head gasket area drying to form a seal that is actually stronger than the original head gasket itself. It’s engineered with the strongest formula available to stop all other coolant leaks in plastic, cast iron, copper and aluminum radiators, heater cores, freeze plugs, gaskets, intake manifolds, cylinder heads and engine blocks. It also contains Xtreme Cool™, a specialized additive that stops overheating and reduces water temperature.

How do you know if you should be using our head gasket repair formula? Easy! Your vehicle is a good candidate if it can idle for 15 minutes without overheating or having to add coolant. You can use our product with all gasoline and diesel engines, and it also works with all types of 50/50 coolant mix. Now all you have to do is follow along with our how-to video tutorial and you’ll be back on the road in no time!

Interested in learning more about our head gasket repair product? Contact us today for more information!

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