Head Gasket Sealer

If you find yourself with a blown head gasket but don’t have the time or money to get it replaced, then you’re in need of a head gasket sealer. Bar’s Leaks Professional Carbon Fiber Blown Head Gasket Repair is the strongest antifreeze-compatible solution on the market, period. It penetrates a leaking, damaged or blown head gasket, drying to form a seal that’s actually stronger than the original head gasket itself.

This professional-grade formulation contains a combination of antifreeze compatible sodium silicate sealing liquid and various size gasket sealing particles reinforced with Carbon Fiber, which penetrate gaps and cracks and harden to permanently stop leaks. Our head gasket sealer is the best formula to stop all other coolant leaks in plastic, cast iron, copper and aluminum radiators, heater cores, freeze plugs, gaskets, intake manifolds, cylinder heads and engine blocks.

Wondering if this is truly a permanent solution? It is. Our head gasket sealer is not designed to be temporary, or a quick fix like other brands, especially those which do not use reinforcing fibers in the formula. Just like replacing a head gasket will not last forever, neither will Head Seal. But in some cases, our formula can even last longer than if the head gasket was replaced.

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