Should I Switch Motor Oil in the Summer?

Using the right oil is an important part of maintaining your car’s health, and your car needs to stand up to a lot, especially during the summer months when you’re traveling more for vacations and summer getaways. To keep your car operating in peak condition, some people recommend changing your car oil for the summertime. But is this step really necessary? Here are the facts about the best oil for summer.

Why Would I Need Different Oil for the Summer?

Heat causes oil to thin, so during the summer months, a thicker option is required. In the past, oil had only one viscosity, or thickness, known as single-grade motor oil. With this single-grade motor oil, a lightweight oil was needed for the winter so that it would flow properly and not thicken up too much. Thicker oil in the winter would clog the pumps and fail to lubricate them properly.

The best motor oil for hot weather is a thicker grade oil to combat the thinning effects of the heat. In the summer, you need a motor oil that will maintain just the right amount of thickness.

Which Oils Are Best for High Temperatures?

Today, most motor oils are multigrade or multi-viscosity, meaning the oil provides the proper lubrication and protection at a wide range of temperatures. Multi-viscosity motor oils have special additives that shrink as oil cools down and expand as it heats up to ensure that it thins out in the cold and thickens in the heat. This type of oil adapts naturally, so you don’t necessarily have to change out your oil with the change of season.

When it comes to 10×40 vs. 5×30 in summer, 10×40 is better because it’s a thicker grade. But if you use multigrade motor oil instead of single-grade, you won’t need to worry about selecting different oils.

When in doubt, check your owner’s manual, as your vehicle is specially designed and tested to work with a particular type of oil. Keep in mind that even though you may not need to swap oil grades for summertime if you’re using a multi-viscosity motor oil, it’s still important to have regular oil changes. Clean, fresh oil will enhance your vehicle’s performance by keeping the engine healthy and the parts properly lubricated. It might be time for an oil change if you notice:

  • Your check oil or check engine light is on and doesn’t go away
  • Your engine is running more loudly than it usually does
  • Your oil appears gritty and/or dark

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