Are Stop Oil Leak Products Safe?

VS-1You might wonder if using stop oil leak products are safe for your engine. Unfortunately, there’s no simple answer because not all stop oil leak products are created equally. What we can say is that our Bar’s Leaks stop oil leak products are not only safe, but they’re extremely effective at stopping mild to moderate leaks — and we have 69 years of experience to prove it!

We have highly engineered chemical stop leak products that are designed specifically for stopping various leaks, like blown cylinder head gasket leaks, valve seal oil leaks and cooling system radiator leaks. When you choose the right Bar’s Leak product for your engine fluid leak problem, you get our guarantee that it’s safe and effective, and it will get you back on the road and running for years to come.

HG-1With most automotive fluid leaks, if you detect them soon enough, a simple application of Bar’s Leak products keeps you from damaging your engine and suffering a breakdown. While extreme leaks or leaks that go undetected for a long time can create permanent damage that can only be repaired with expensive physical repairs, most mild to moderate under-hood leaks are repaired in under three minutes with a simple dose of our products.

You don’t need to have any automotive expertise to use Bar’s Leaks, either. There are no tools required — you simply pour the product into the correct location and start your engine as indicated on the container. That’s it. You’re back on the road in no time and can enjoy the peace of mind that over half a century of experience brings.

1109Our stop oil leak products have been designed with precise chemical makeups to block your leak in a safe manner. There’s no blockage of your coolant channels, radiator, water pump, vale stems or other engine components. Our stop oil leak products go right to the source of the leak and block it for good.

An inferior product can give you a false sense of security. There are many low-cost products on the market that claim to work, but they may only work for a short time, or even not at all. Trust the brand that has 69 years of experience and countless testimonials to back it up: Bar’s Leaks. Some of our most popular products cover common engine fluid leaks:


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