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Hey Pandora listeners, thanks for checking us out. Below you will find everything you need to get your show back on the road and take care of common auto problems quickly – no mechanical expertise required. Whether you’ve got a blown head gasket, an oil leak or your car is slowly consuming or burning oil, we’ve got you covered.

Blown Head Gasket Repair

How much time, cost, and inconvenience is involved in taking your car to a shop for blown head gasket repair? LOTS. That’s why this professional-grade, carbon fiber-reinforced head gasket solution has sold over 1 million bottles in the United States alone. If you have a mild to moderate head gasket (or intake gasket) leak, this mechanic-proven formula will seal your leaking head gasket and get your life back on the road.

Main Seal Motor Oil Leak Repair

Have a stubborn oil leak? Here’s what’s happening: engine seals harden and shrink as the miles add up. This professional-strength, synthetic polymer technology revitalizes these worn seals and gaskets to restore them to like-new performance. This is the strongest formula available today to stop main seal, timing cover seal, cam seal, crankshaft seal, oil pan, valve cover and all other oil leaks. We’ve made oil leak solutions before, and this is our strongest yet. It’s been proven in garages on some of the most difficult leaks we’ve seen.

Valve Seal Oil Consumption Repair

Have you noticed that your car is consuming oil? Do you see signs of blue exhaust smoke, especially after your car has been sitting for an extended duration? It might be leaking oil, or even burning it in small amounts you can’t detect.

Well, good news – there’s nothing to worry about. Our commercial-strength Professional Valve Seal Oil Consumption Repair quickly and safely restores valve seals, reverses aging damage and stops oil consumption dead in its tracks. Since it’s introduction in early 2015, this formula has become the nation’s bestselling oil consumption repair product. Safe, effective, easy to use, and guaranteed. It doesn’t get better than that.

Bar’s Leaks is a family-owned business since 1947, and has led the automotive aftermarket in stop leak technology, advancing its formulas as cars have changed over the years. We continue to develop and evolve ground-breaking products that help you repair your car’s critical components — safely, quickly and easily.