Clutch Fluid with Stop Leak (1350)

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Clutch Fluid with Stop Leak (1350)

We’ve been asked for years to make a hydraulic manual clutch fluid that’s enhanced with stop leak additives, and we’re happy to say we’ve developed one of the highest-performing clutch fluids on the market. The bonus benefit, of course, is that this formula stops mild-to-moderate clutch fluid leaks, as well as prevents future leaks from occurring. Bar’s Leaks Hydraulic Manual Clutch Fluid with Stop Leak: • Provides trouble-free, smooth shifting • Increases clutch life and performance • Is a fully-synthetic formula for maximum protection and longevity • Works with ALL hydraulic clutch applications. If you are dealing with a clutch that needs new fluid, or a moderate clutch fluid leak, you’re in the right place. Bar’s Leaks Hydraulic Manual Clutch Fluid not only performs better than its competition, but also helps recondition seals to fix moderate leaks. Contact Us About This Product Find This Product Near You

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  • How does Bar’s Leaks Clutch Fluid with Stop Leak work?

    After many years and miles, seals and gasket tend to dry out and shrink. Bar’s Leaks revitalizes these seals and makes them soft and pliable again.

  • How much Bar’s Leaks Clutch Fluid do I install?

    For most systems you will only need to top off (fill up) fluid to normal level. For some leaks, it is recommended to continue topping off fluid with Clutch Fluid with Stop Leak over multiple days, until leaks are sealed. In seriously worn clutch hydraulic systems, a second treatment may be required. In this case, it is suggested to drain the clutch fluid and install full bottle of Clutch Fluid with Stop Leak. Bleed system as needed to remove any trapped air. If leaks continue, mechanical attention is needed, and replacement of seal or parts may be required.

  • How long does it take to start working?

    Bar’s Leaks Clutch Fluid with Stop Leak starts working the minute you install and start driving the vehicle. You will usually see results in about 200 miles or three (3) days of driving.

  • How large of a leak will this seal?

    Helps with small leaks (if you need to add fluid 1x per month) and medium leaks (If you need to add fluid 1x per week).

  • Can this be used in hydraulic brake systems?

    No, do not use in hydraulic brake systems.

  • Can this be used with other types of hydraulic fluid besides 3 and 4?

    No, hydraulic fluids used in things like jacks, lifts, tractors and construction equipment is a totally different fluid. For those use Bar’s Leaks Hydraulic Seal™ Stop Leak & Conditioner.

  • What can I do if spilled on painted surface?

    Quickly soak up spilled fluid with soft cloth, trying not to wipe so not to spread it around. Wash with soap and plenty of water. Depending on the type of paint, some damage can happen immediately. Consult body shop as needed.

  • Why is the fluid green?

    Fluid is dyed green to make it easier to see when the leak has stopped, and to see that it has mixed with the rest of the clutch fluid.

  • Can this be used with DOT 5 fluid?

    No, DOT 5 fluid is silicone-based and not compatible with Bar’s Leaks Clutch Fluid with Stop Leak.

Bar’s Leaks Hydraulic Manual Clutch Fluid is specially designed to enhance clutch & manual transmission performance as well as seal mild-to-moderate leaks. Even if your transmission isn’t showing signs of leaks currently, this fully-synthetic formula prevents future leaks from forming. This product is engineered to be the highest grade possible and is safe to use for consumer applications as well as commercial use cases. Bar’s Leaks Hydraulic Manual Clutch Fluid with Stop Leak works with ALL hydraulic clutch applications.

In addition, Bar’s Leaks Hydraulic Manual Clutch Fluid with Stop Leak:

  • Mixes with all 3 & 4 clutch fluids
  • Works on all clutch master and slave cylinders
  • Is the choice of heavy duty and high-performance customers everywhere, especially when a clutch leak would prove catastrophic

All of our renowned maintenance and repair solutions are the result of over 70 years of automotive chemical research. Since our beginning, we’ve been synonymous with maintaining the performance of (and stopping leaks in) consumer, commercial, OEM and even military applications. When you choose Bar’s Leaks, you can depend on proven performance at a reasonable price, backed by a company that knows aftermarket automotive chemicals better than anyone else in the world.


You have a job to do, or jobs to oversee, or even daily commuting that cannot afford a car to be sidelined with a malfunctioning manual transmission. We understand. With Bar’s Leaks, you’ll find solutions for not only hydraulic clutch systems, but also cooling systems, head gaskets, engine oil, power steering, and transmissions. Each Bar’s Leaks product is easy to use, which means you need no advanced skills or mechanical expertise to install it.

Engineered and 100% made in the U.S.A., just an hour northwest of Detroit, Bar’s Leaks formulas are manufactured by a crew that’s dedicated to making leaks and preventable automotive problems a thing of the past. We’re always looking for the best methods to keep pace with automotive and hydraulic technologies and innovations. With hundreds of millions of bottles sold in our company’s history, we think our research is paying off.

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