Cooling System Water Pump Lube with Anti-Rust (1311)

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Cooling System Water Pump Lube with Anti-Rust (1311)

When it comes to your coolant, sometimes antifreeze is just not enough to protect all the metal, plastic and rubber parts of your cooling system. That’s why we created the Bar’s Leaks Cooling System Water Pump Lube with Anti-Rust. Our water pump lubricant is designed to be a fast, effective, affordable tool to keep your car in top condition and out on the road. Water soluble formula, and compatible with ALL types of antifreeze. Super effective if you run only water in your cooling system, and doubly so for racing applications. Contact Us About This Product Find This Product Near You

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  • Why should I add Water Pump Lube With Anti-Rust to my radiator?

    Because antifreeze alone is not enough to keep the water pump seal & thermostat lubricated, and inhibit the formation of rust and scale within the radiator.

  • Is it compatible with extended life anti-freeze?

    Yes, it is compatible with all brands of antifreeze including conventional green or blue (silicate-based) and extended life red/orange or yellow (OAT/HOAT) coolant.

  • How much do I install?

    One bottle treats a standard passenger vehicle/light truck. Over the road and heavy duty equipment – Install one bottle for every 16 quarts of coolant.

  • How often do I install?

    Once a year, every 15,000 miles or anytime cooling system is serviced.

  • Can I use in my race car?

    Yes, it is a must if running only water in the cooling system, especially racing applications.

  • The bottle froze before I was able to use it, what can I do?

    If the bottle did not break from freezing, just let the product thaw out, shake well, and use as normal.

There’s a lot going on under your hood, which is why so much can go wrong. Our cars need protection and the right types of fluids to keep us on the road. When fluids get low, run out or leak, you’re putting your vehicle in danger of further damage, which means an inconvenient trip to the mechanic and a costly bill.

This product protects aluminum, copper, iron and all other parts of the cooling system to help prevent the formation of rust and corrosion. The water-soluble oil formula lubricates the thermostat and the water pump seal. It is compatible with ALL brands of antifreeze and is a definite must-use if you only run water in the cooling system. This doubly applies for racing applications.

Yes, there are many moving parts under your hood, each of which needs maintenance and care. Your water pump is one of those parts, but rarely will you find as effective a solution as coolant lubricant from Bar’s Leaks. And there’s no added auto expertise needed. If you know how to pop and lift your hood, you know enough to successfully install our water pump lubricant.

Bar’s Leaks products are the fastest and safest to use of any products in the industry. Use our Cooling System Water Pump Lube with Anti-Rust once every 15,000 miles to ensure proper protection of your cooling system.

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At Bar’s Leaks, we offer the best solutions for water pump lubricant as well as stop leak products related to head gaskets, engine oil, power steering, transmissions and more. As with our water pump lubricant, all Bar’s Leaks products are incredibly easy to use, effective and affordable.

We have nearly 70 years of experience in creating chemical repair solutions. Made in the U.S.A., just an hour north of Detroit, our products are time-tested and proven. The best aspect is just how usable they are for everyday drivers. When you see a puddle or another sign of a leak in your vehicle, simply choose the appropriate Bar’s Leaks product, install it, and watch as it takes care of mild to moderate leaks of all kinds.

We’ve served tens of millions of drivers through our many decades of service including OEM manufacturers and even military applications. You’ll find plenty of options when searching for water pump lubricant and other automotive solutions, but Bar’s Leaks is the company that can claim a strong track record of success. When you need coolant lubricant, choose Bar’s Leaks and take advantage of the experienced option.

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  • “IMHO every single car should have this installed in their cooling system. I mean it. I work at a car dealership, and in hot and cold extreme weather, we see cooling system issues all the time, and often it's the water pump that goes bad. That's an expensive part to replace, but like a mechanic co-worker said, simple problems can usually be prevented by simple solutions. He told me to buy this Bar's Leaks water pump lube, and I did for my mid-80s SVO Mustang. Cheap insurance, worth a few bucks. Good SIMPLE thing to aid in prevention.”

    Terry M. - Denver, CO
  • “I had good luck with rust inhibitor and water pump lube. It does not lube the water pump per se but it makes the o-ring seal stay flexible. (When the o-ring is not flexible it will let coolant get by and that will ruin the water pump bearings.) I am 75 and I never had to replace a water pump. I have a 1953 tractor that leaked coolant then I added water pump lube and it stopped leaking. I have a 2010 Chevy Cobalt that leaked at 60,000 miles I added two bottles and now have 145,000 miles on the car without a leak.”

    Roger S. - Cedar Grove, WI