DiFM Professional Cooling System Treatment (J-100)

DiFM Professional Cooling System Treatment


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Our coolant seal treatment inhibits the formation of rust and scale, keeps the system clean, neutralizes pH imbalance, controls electrolysis and lubricates and seals internal, external and coolant-to-oil leaks. These pro-grade tablets fully dissolve in minutes and are harmless to ALL plastic, metals, aluminum, hoses and connections. It’s the strongest and most innovative treatment we make.


Install directly into radiator per dosage chart on package. If vehicle does not have a regular radiator cap, remove top hose where it connects to the top of radiator and install tablets in hose. Tablets may be crumbled or pre-dissolved in warm water for easier application.

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If you are a car enthusiast and know your way around under the hood, you might want to try our DiFM Professional Cooling System Treatment tablets. They are the perfect product to use any time you’re servicing the cooling system — including parts replacement, flush and fills.

But one of the best things about our cooling system treatment is that you don’t have to be a car expert to use it. At Bar’s Leaks, we specialize in developing coolant seals and other automotive solutions that are fast, effective, affordable and straightforward for everyday drivers to use. If you see a puddle underneath your car and worry about the time and money it’ll take to fix, Bar’s Leaks is your source for cooling system treatments and other products.

We engineer our products to be the fastest and safest to use, so you can rest assured that these tablets will successfully protect your vehicle’s cooling system. We offer a team of top-flight chemical engineers who are always looking for ways to improve our cooling system treatment seal and other products in service to everyday drivers like you. Before you spend the time and money to visit a mechanic for a coolant seal or treatment, discover an affordable and effective option through Bar’s Leaks. Give us a try and get your show back on the road.


For nearly 70 years, Bar’s Leaks has been committed to serving everyday drivers with chemical repair solutions. Our products include coolant seal as well as solutions for leaks related to engine oil, head gaskets, power steering, transmissions and more. Even if you know nothing about what’s under your hood, you can easily apply a Bar’s Leaks cooling system treatment. This ease-of-use, affordability and effectiveness stems from our commitment to getting you back on the road as quickly as possible. Our entire team is always looking for innovative ways to help drivers just like you enjoy their vehicles without spending time and money to visit a mechanic. Our coolant system treatment and other products are reliable methods for solving leaks of all kinds.

You can find plenty of coolant seal options on the market, but not all options are created equal. Some may fail to treat mild to moderate leaks, and others can actually make your situation worse. At Bar’s Leaks, we offer time-tested formulations that put an end to mild to moderate leaks. These solutions are available at a fraction of the cost of visiting a mechanic. And our coolant seal and other products are developed right here in the United States, just an hour outside of Detroit. For the best in leak-stopping products and cooling systems treatments, trust Bar’s Leaks.

Get your coolant seal today.

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  2 Reviews
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 2 reviews
 by Dale Wilken
Great stuff

This stuff works really great.

 by Ernie - Newport News, VA

I used your cooling system tablets to fix several large leaks in my moms 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan. The plastic radiator tank seals on the sides of her 2 year old replacement radiator were already leaking and wasn't covered under warranty. A $200 new radiator was too expensive for her to buy at the time. Within 3 days, the leak had completely stopped. Not even a small drip. I also used this in my Ford Ranger to stop some seeping from the water outlet gasket that I've replaced 4 times due to leaking. Completely stopped the leak within an hour. It's also a great bonus that the tablets correct the antifreeze PH, stops corrosion and lubricates the water pump bearings and seals. Bars Leaks cooling system treatment is an amazing product and I will recommend it to everyone. Thank You for such a great American made product!

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