Main Seal Motor Oil Leak Repair

  • Will Bar’s Leaks Main Seal Motor Oil Leak Repair work in all types of oil?

    Yes. This premium quality synthetic blend works with all types of motor/engine oil including regular petroleum, high mileage, synthetic blends and fully synthetic formulas.

  • Will Bar’s Leaks Main Seal Motor Oil Leak Repair work in my engine?

    Yes. We have designed this product to work in all gasoline and diesel engines including turbocharged, EcoBoost, hybrid and even racing engines. This covers 4, 5, 6, 8 and 10 cylinder engines in all cars,
    trucks, vans and SUV’s. Even can be used in heavy-duty applications referencing the appropriate dosage level. This applies to a wide range of other motor applications too: tractors, boats, RV’s, motorcycles (including wet clutch), ATV’s, lawn equipment.

  • What are the dosage recommendations?

    For most applications the entire bottle will be used. One bottle treats oil capacity from 5 quarts (4.7 liters) to 7 quarts (6.6 liters). Use ½ bottle for smaller oil capacity systems from 3.5 quarts (3.3 liters) to 4.9 quarts (4.6 liters). In heavy duty applications and for larger systems use 1 bottle for every 6 quarts. In small engines including ATV, motorcycle, lawn equipment, tractors, etc., use approximately 5 ounces of Main Seal to every quart of oil capacity.

  • How does Bar’s Leaks Main Seal Oil Motor Oil Leak Repair work?

    This product works in two ways to help solve most any motor oil leak.
    1) A specially-engineered seal rejuvenating additive restores seal size, flexibility and elasticity lost due to engine heat, age and high mileage.
    2) An advanced seal polymer additive package works by building a polymeric film around the seal to help prevent excess oil from bypassing the seal during normal engine operation.

  • What causes the seals to leak?

    The most common cause of seal leaks is age and/or high mileage. The seal can also leak due to the vehicle being stored for an extended period of time. Extended storage in particular causes drying and hardening of the seal which leads to shrinking and cracking, and consequently leaking.

  • What are the symptoms of an engine oil leak?

    Depending on the severity of the leak, the first thing you may notice is the oil level decreasing. If not corrected quickly, the oil pressure light may come on or oil pressure gauge may start reading low. The next thing that happens is spotting, where you will find oil spots, located on the driveway or garage. These spots are usually brown or very dark, almost black in color.

  • What other factors can contribute to oil leaks?

    A few things can cause an oil leak that are not the fault of the seal or gasket. If the oil level is too high (filled over the full mark) or the PCV (Positive Crankcase Ventilation) system is not functioning correctly, leaks can occur. The PCV system prevents pressure from building up inside the engine and if it fails, the pressure will cause the oil to leak. It is a good idea to clean or replace the PCV valve regularly to prevent this problem. Oil leaks can also be caused by severely worn rings or a broken piston which pressurizes the crankcase pushing out the oil. Lastly, which is mostly seen in cold areas that use salt on winter roads, is a rusted out oil pan. For this issue, a pan replacement will be required.

  • Do I need to use Bar’s Leaks Main Seal Motor Oil Leak Repair with every oil change?

    In most cases the oil leak issue will be repaired with a single dosage. However, for best results and to prevent the problems from reoccurring, use with every other oil change.

  • Will Bar’s Leaks Main Seal Motor Oil Leak Repair clog my oil filter?

    No. Bar’s Leaks Main Seal contains no particles to plug the leak. Instead, its technology relies on special polymers and seal conditioners to stop oil leaks permanently.

  • My owner manual says not to use oil additives, is this product safe?

    Yes, this product is completely safe to use in your vehicle. Keep in mind the main goal of the automotive manufacturers is to get your car past the warranty period. These same manufacturers also have their own private label chemicals which are sold and used at their dealerships. Older vehicles have different requirements than a new car which allows them to benefit from certain oil additives.

Bar’s Leaks is the #1 name when it comes to chemical tools for oil leaks( rear main seal) and other leak-related problems. Our products are the gold standard in the industry, trusted by consumers, OEM and automotive technicians alike. And they’re simple to use, too. Requiring no special mechanical knowledge, anyone can install our Main Seal Oil Leak Repair solution. We design our products to be effective, safe and easy to use – guaranteed. At Bar’s Leaks, we believe in helping you solve your own vehicle problems when a full (physical) repair isn’t cost-effective or affordable. And we’ve been doing this for nearly 70 years.

Here’s the deal: engine seals harden and shrink from the plasticizers being removed over time and as the miles add up. This professional strength synthetic stop leak technology revitalizes these worn seals and gaskets to restore them to like-new performance. This is the strongest formula to stop main seal, timing cover seal, cam seal, crankshaft seal, oil pan, valve cover and all other oil leaks. It’s a pro-grade solution meant for the most stubborn oil leak problems.

Bar’s Leaks: the fastest, safest way to get your show back on the road, guaranteed. We’ve been proving that since 1947, and no other brand even comes close.


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  • “Totally works as advertised. I've tried other oil leak products and they either don't work or work for a short time. I used Bar's Leaks Main Seal Repair on my 2002 Jeep and it worked immediately, and now 7,200 miles later everything's still good. Great product thanks guys.”

    T. Draken - Boston, MA
  • “More expensive than other products but worth it. Used it twice on our older cars (ones we use for carpool and travel sports LOL) and both times it worked very well. Product was recommended to me by an O'Reilly counter person.”

    Leo G. - Arlington Heights, IL
  • “We took my sons 1999 Honda CRV in for an oil change, and they told us that it was leaking oil and needed a lot of work. We took it to our local mechanic to see what they could do, and they told us that yes it was leaking oil from everywhere an 18 year old car with over 255,000 miles leaks oil. They recommended that we don't try and repair it, just check the oil every few days and drive in until it's dead, which they said would be very soon.

    After researching the problems online and reading several message boards, we settled on Main Seal Motor Oil Leak Repair and One Seal Stop Leak both products made by Bar's. We cleaned up all the leaked oil we could around the engine, so we could try and see if the products helped the leaking. Both were easy to apply, just remove the oil cap and pour the contents into the reservoir. The instructions said to the let the engine idle for 15 minutes so we did.

    A week later on the following Saturday morning I checked the oil as I do every week (and always add some oil to the old Honda), I was curious to see if the leaking had slowed at all. What I saw shocked me. I saw no oil where I had cleaned the engine, and the level of oil in the car was perfect! I still can't believe how fast and effective the solutions were. I had wasted a lot of money adding a roughly quart of oil a month over the past year or so. My only I regret not using this stuff sooner!”

    Jim S. - Foxboro, MA