Radiator 10 Minute Flush (1211)

  • Do I have to drain my radiator first?

    Yes, per the label directions you are supposed to drain the system and install just water.

  • Does Radiator 10 Minute Flush contain acid?

    No, and it requires no neutralizing.

  • Can this be used with copper, aluminum and plastic radiators?

    Yes, since this contains no acid, you can use in old and newer vehicles with copper, aluminum and plastic radiators.

  • How much do I put in my radiator?

    One bottle treats a standard passenger vehicle/light truck. Use every time you change your antifreeze. For larger systems use one bottle for every 12 quarts (3 gallons) of capacity.

  • Will Bar’s Leaks Radiator Flush hurt my cooling system?

    No, Bar’s Leaks Radiator 10 Minute Flush is a non-acid formula and is safe to use on all cooling system materials. It is harmless to all parts of the cooling system, including aluminum.

  • The bottle froze before I was able to use it, what can I do?

    If the bottle did not break from freezing, just let the product thaw out, shake well, and use as normal.

Bar’s Leaks Radiator 10 Minute Flush is fast, easy and safe to use. It contains no acid and needs no neutralizing. It is compatible with all automotive cooling systems and is safe to use on aluminum and plastic radiators. When we design a product, radiator flush or otherwise, we focus on delivering a solution that’s simple to use, even if you have no advanced automotive expertise. We also focus on creating products that are incredibly effective and far more affordable than visiting a mechanic for similar service.

Our radiator cleaning solution lives up to the Bar’s Leaks name by delivering the fast, easy, effective, affordable solutions we’ve become known for. When you need a radiator flush that will improve your car’s performance and help maintain that performance into the future, trust Bar’s Leaks for radiator cleaning solutions.

Make this a part of your car’s maintenance routine by using this product every time you change your antifreeze.

A Radiator Flush to Fit Your Lifestyle and Budget

Can you lift the hood of your car? Then you have the experience needed to apply our radiator flush. At Bar’s Leaks, we specialize in products that fit your lifestyle and budget. We offer radiator cleaning solutions as well as chemical repair products that fix leaks related to engine oil, power steering, transmissions, head gaskets and more. Each one is targeted at getting you back on the road as quickly, and easily as possible.

While you can find plenty of radiator flush products on the market, many of these products fail to live up to their names in terms of radiator cleaning. At Bar’s Leaks, our team of top-flight chemical engineers is always working to perfect our existing products and to develop new radiator cleaning and other products that live up to the Bar’s Leaks name.

Made in America, just an hour outside of Detroit, our radiator flush and other products are carefully researched and tested to ensure the highest level of effectiveness. Through our many decades of service, we’ve sold tens of millions of Bar’s Leaks products, representing a long track record of success. When you want the best radiator flush for your vehicle, trust the experience of Bar’s Leaks.

Get your radiator cleaning solution today.

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  • “I was told my cooling system was a mess and needed a flush before I put in new antifreeze. Guy at parts store said to use Bar's Leaks because they make a bunch of cooling system stuff. Bought this, took no time. Worked well, flushed everything. Cheap too, gotta love that. Good product, thanks guys.”

    Billy F. - Dallas, TX
  • “I've known Bar's Leaks to be the 'cooling system experts' for a long time now (mainly when it comes to stopping leaks and stuff like that), so I bought this flush product when it was time for my radiator flush. Affordable, super simple to use, and effective. Zero complaints, and I know it's a brand that's been around the car game a long time.”

    Luke K. - Ithaca, NY