Why Does an Automatic Transmission Leak?

1420An automatic transmission is a hard-working part of any vehicle. Multiple gears are spinning at high speeds as you drive, and these gears need constant lubrication. That’s what your automatic transmission fluid is for — to help dissipate the heat generated from the mechanical movement.

Many modern automatic transmissions are sealed and shouldn’t require regular service, but that doesn’t mean they can’t suffer a leak. Older transmissions are obviously more prone to leaks and need to be checked frequently for the proper transmission fluid level.

Running an automatic transmission with low (or no) fluid is a big no-no. Your transmission isn’t designed to operate without fluid, and when the oil isn’t present to lubricate the gears, metal-on-metal contact occurs immediately. The result is damaged gears that necessitate a transmission rebuild that can run into the thousands of dollars. In some cases, the cost is so high that a new or rebuilt transmission is the only option, which still costs thousands of dollars for most vehicles.

All that can be avoided if you use Bar’s Leaks automatic transmission fluid leak products as soon as you detect a leak. Be sure to check your ATF level often and inspect it for leaks. At the slightest hint of a leak, seal it up for good before it even becomes a problem. That will help ensure your transmission always has enough fluid to keep it running smoothly, durably and efficiently.

There are a few symptoms that can indicate an automatic transmission fluid leak, including a visible puddle of oil under your vehicle, a rough-shifting transmission or decreased fuel economy, especially on the highway. If you detect any of these problems, you can always get a second opinion from a transmission repair shop.

Our only suggestion? Don’t let them tell you that you need a physical repair to your transmission! While damage can occur after prolonged driving of a car with low automatic transmission fluid, always get a second opinion before agreeing to transmission repairs. If you catch your leak when it first starts, chances are you don’t need to physically repair your transmission.

1420Instead, choose from these different automatic transmission fluid leak solutions:

  • One Stop Leak Repair: This multi-use product works equally well on automatic transmission fluid, engine oil and power steering fluid.
  • ATF Repair: Carefully formulated for automatic transmission fluid leaks, this product is the fast and sure way to get back on the road.
  • ATF Repair Concentrate: Our most powerful automatic transmission fluid leak product, it will seal mild to moderate leaks in just a few minutes.

You’ve identified your leak, chosen your product, now all that’s left is to place your order. If you have any questions, our professional, knowledgeable staff will be more than glad to answer them for you. We want you to come to trust Bar’s Leaks for all of your automotive and hydraulic fluid leaks. We’ve built our reputation over nearly seven decades by providing great value and a reliable product. Find out for yourself today!

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