Bar’s Leaks Develops Industry’s First Transmission Treatment to Repair ALL Transmission Types

Chemical Innovation Gives Birth to New Bar’s Leaks Super Transmission Fixto Stop Leaks, Slipping and Jerking

We finally did it. After over a year of research and development, we put our decades of industry experience to work using the latest chemical technology to develop Super Transmission Fix™, the aftermarket’s first transmission treatment to repair all transmission types. Our premium-grade synthetic-blend treatment eliminates slipping, jerking, rough shifting, shudder and transmission fluid leaks in automatic, manual, CVT or dual clutch transmissions.

Super Transmission Fix (p/n 1416) is formulated with seal conditioners to stop leaks, anti-wear agents to improve metal-on-metal friction properties, and advanced detergents to remove sludge and varnish. It also includes a performance booster to renew worn bands, control fluid degradation and reduce noise.

“Development of this type of product requires years of research and a deep understanding of transmission technology, common problems and root causes,” says Clay Parks, Bar’s Leaks vice president of development. “As the industry leader in chemical stop leak products, we recognized the need for one comprehensive solution capable of treating all transmissions. We accepted the challenge, put in the work and delivered Super Transmission Fix.”

Our Most Advanced Transmission Product Ever

Super Transmission Fix renews worn fluid and restores older and high-mileage transmission performance. It is safe to use on cars, light duty and heavy duty trucks powered by automatic (step, overdrive, 2WD, 4WD, AWD), continually variable (CVT), dual clutch (DCT), electronically controlled (ECT), manual (stick shift) and transaxle (front/all-wheel drive) transmissions. This formula addresses fluid leaks, slipping and hesitation, rough or hard shifting, whining, and other fluid-related transmission problems.

Depending on the severity of the transmission problem, results will be immediate or noticeable within 250 miles or three days of driving.

To celebrate this product launch, we are offering a $5 rebate on Super Transmission Fix through the end of 2019. To take advantage of the rebate, visit within 30 days of their purchase. It’s easy!

If you have any questions about this product and if it’s right for your situation, get a hold of us on Facebook or reach out to our customer service team directly. We’re happy to help.

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