Why do Transmissions Leak

Your automatic transmission has several different seals designed to keep your transmission fluid inside your transmission. If any of these seals fail, they allow transmission fluid to leak. A low transmission fluid level can quickly become a major problem if you drive without enough fluid. Because of this, it is important to watch for transmission fluid leaks and repair the problem as soon as you detect it. Trust us, we’ve talked to dozens of customers who’ve let a transmission leak linger for too long.

Leaking transmission seals can occur for several reasons:

  • Overheating: If your transmission has been run with old or low transmission fluid, excess heat can damage your seals. When seals overheat, they start to crack and allow fluid to escape. This problem is especially common with vehicles used to tow a trailer or camper because the transmission works extra hard to pull the additional load, creating excess heat.
  • Drying out: Regular use of your vehicle keeps transmission fluid circulating, which in turn keeps your seals lubricated. If your car sits for extended periods, the seals that are not submerged in fluid can start to dry out and crack. Most modern transmission seals are designed to withstand drying, but when a car sits (such as in storage) for extended durations, even late-model transmissions can suffer from dry seals, which eventually start to leak.
  • Defect: Seal defects aren’t common, but even new cars sometimes ship with defects. It’s possible for a defect in a transmission seal to show up over time and allow transmission fluid to leak. This is more common with aftermarket seals than original equipment seals. Seals that don’t have the right elasticity, mechanical resistance or dimensions/geometry will eventually start to leak.

If you have any of these seal problems, you need to fix the problem. Instead of spending the time and money to replace them, try one of our Bar’s Leaks automatic transmission problem repair products. Our transmission One Seal Stop Leak and Transmission Repair formulations can cure most transmission seal leaks no matter what the cause. We offer products that not only stop your transmission leaks but also stabilize your transmission fluid and restore performance and efficiency. Browse our catalog for the transmission repair product that will get you back on the road quickly and reliably.

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