Can Bar’s Leaks Replace the Need for a Mechanic?

If you’ve had car issues before, you probably have heard about Bar’s Leaks products. For over 70 years we’ve offered proven chemical repair solutions for automotive issues. We have saved car owners countless dollars using products from Bar’s Leaks versus a mechanic.

But can Bar’s Leaks really do everything a mechanic can do? Quick answer: not everything, but we can do a lot more for your car than you may think.

Mechanic in a Bottle

Our stop leak products are often referred to as a “mechanic in a bottle,” because they do things that a mechanic might charge you large sums of money for. Specifically, our products are great at slowing or stopping minor-to-moderate leaks caused by blown or warped gaskets and seals. Another reason they are called “mechanic in a bottle” is because they do all the work. You don’t need to know anything about the internal workings of your automobile other than where the fluids go, which, if you don’t know already, you can easily find in your owner’s manual.

Once you’ve poured in the stop leak treatment with your oil crankcase or cooling system (depending on what leak you are dealing with), your work is done. The chemical solution is now in your engine doing all the work of finding and repairing the leak(s) in your seals and gaskets, and your car goes back to functioning normally. No need to schedule a time to take your car into the shop. No dealership to mess with. No need to wait while a mechanic examines your car and provides a repair estimate. No need to be without a car while the mechanic performs the repair, and most of all, no need to pay for labor or replacement parts.

Liquid Gold For Minor to Moderate Leaks

Our products are also sometimes called “liquid gold” for minor to moderate leaks because of the valuable results they produce. We have stop leak products designed to repair blown head and intake gasket leaks, to seal warped or cracked heads and blocks, to seal rear main, cam seal and timing cover leaks, to stop coolant leaks and more. Not to mention a host of products designed to fix transmissionhydraulic and power steering leaks and symptoms of general disrepair.

How does it work? Most of the time, if you have an oil or cooling system leak, the culprit is some kind of blown or torn seal, or damaged ring. There are a few ways this can happen. If your car overheats or runs too hot for too long, this can damage the seals. Seals can also wear out simply due to high mileage or age, or via extreme temperatures. They may dry out if you are already driving on low oil.

Whatever the reason, if your gaskets or seals are torn or deformed, you have a problem. The goal of these parts is to form a fluid-tight seal at the locations where fluid enters or exits the system. If the seal is warped or torn, this seal will not be completely tight, and you will have a fluid leak (coolant, oil, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, you name it), which can lead to the car overheating or the engine seizing, or your transmission overheating and failing.

If you take this problem into a mechanic, they will probably replace the seal or gasket, which could be a labor-intensive process that has a pretty huge bill behind it. This would be unfortunate because it is often unnecessary.

When you add one of our stop leak products, it find the leak (whether the leak is oil, coolant, transmission fluid or power steering fluid). Our technology can chemically detect the signs of a leak by recognizing variables that should NOT be in the fluid, so it knows where to act. Many of our products also contain an additive that creates a polymer film that further protects the seal and can fill in other cracks or grooves that may be leading to oil leakage as well. So once you use one of our products to fix a leak, you also have a preventive maintenance bonus going on as an extra benefit.

Can Bar’s Leaks Replace a Mechanic?

It’s important to note that as incredible as Bar’s Leaks products are, they don’t do away with the need for a mechanic. In fact, some mechanics use our products if the customer’s budget is limited, or if the car is not worth the cost of a full-on physical repair.

Our products are designed to stop mild to moderate fluid leaks, usually caused by something like a blown gasket, seal or o-ring. You may be asking, “Do I need to go to a mechanic for a gasket leak?” The answer is probably no, IF YOU CATCH THE LEAK EARLY ENOUGH. We certainly recommend trying one of our products before going to a mechanic, since if they work, you will save yourself significantly on repair costs.

However, if you have a major leak caused by something like a cracked engine block or badly damaged head gasket, there is little even any chemical product can do. In some cases, you will still have to find a mechanic to replace parts and perform the labor. When it comes to Bar’s Leaks versus a mechanic, we recommend you try our products first, but don’t lose your mechanic’s number.

Find Quality Stop Leak Products for Your Car

If you make the wise choice of trying a stop leak additive before incurring a large mechanic’s bill, it’s important that you choose Bar’s Leak products and not substitutes. There are a number of products on the market that boast chemical additives that stop leaks, but they aren’t as effective, and they haven’t been the world leader in stop leaks for over seven decades. Some may even try to make their product look like ours because they know of our decades’ long reputation as a provider of the best stop leak products on the market. Go with Bar’s Leaks – the market leader, the OG chemical repair brand.

You should also keep in mind that it is not only oil leaks that we have products for. We have products to seal transmission leaks, coolant leaks and clutch fluid leaks. We also have products that can clean your engine and improve your car’s performance. While you can’t say goodbye to your mechanic forever, we have enough products for minor repairs for you to make it a long time between visits to the garage.

If you’re interested in where to find products like our Blown Head Gasket RepairConcentrated Rear Main Seal Repair or Engine Oil Stop Leak Concentrate near you, use our convenient Bar’s Leaks locator. If you need help determining which of our Bar’s Leaks leak stop products are right for you and your car’s problem, feel free to contact us.

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