Stopping an Oil Leak on a Motorcycle

Motorcycle engines rev hard to produce the power you need to go fast. Over time, parts in your motorcycle engine can start to wear out, causing oil leaks. Common oil leak causes and locations in your motorcycle include:

  • Oil pan seal: The oil seal between your engine block and the oil pan can wear out over time and get dry and brittle. This allows oil to seep out, often onto the ground.
  • Cylinder head gasket: A gasket present between your engine block and oil can cover is a common location for oil leaks, as the seal gets old and the bolts holding the covers on work their way loose.
  • Oil filter: The seal on your oil filter can also start to leak if your oil filter comes loose or if the seal starts to crack or break down, allowing oil to escape.
  • Hoses and tubes: Oil can be channeled through various hoses and tubes, depending on your model and design of motorcycle, and leaks can start at the different connection points.

If you have a motorcycle engine oil leak at any of these locations, your engine may be starved of oil, which can cause major engine damage. Additionally, any leaking oil is also a pollution problem for the environment and can create slippery roads that present a risk for other drivers, especially other motorcycle riders.

How to Fix Your Motorcycle Oil Leak

One fast and affordable repair for a motorcycle engine oil leak is our advanced Concentrated Main Seal Motor Oil Leak Repair. Designed to give new life to your main engine seal, it can help reduce or completely stop motorcycle engine oil leaks with little hassle. Replacing the seals in your engine involves a costly and time-consuming engine rebuild, so opt instead for the fast and reliable fix that more motorcycle riders are choosing for small to moderate engine oil leaks: Bar’s Leak Main Seal.

You can find our products close to you by using our handy store locator or by contacting us for more information. A motorcycle engine oil leak repair doesn’t have to be a big headache when you turn to Bar’s Leaks, so opt for the fast and easy solution today!

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