Blown Head Gasket Repair (HG-1)

Blown Head Gasket Repair


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Bar’s Leaks Professional Head Seal Carbon Fiber Blown Head Gasket Repair is the strongest antifreeze-compatible solution on the market, period. It penetrates a leaking, damaged or blown head gasket, drying to form a seal that’s actually stronger than the original head gasket itself.

DIRECTIONS (Note: Protect from freezing.)

  1. Install only in a cold engine. Shake bottle well. Remove radiator cap and pour the correct amount of product in per the dosage chart. Fill radiator and reservoir / overflow tank to proper level and reinstall radiator cap. TIP: Radiator cap may be on top of radiator, on engine, mounted on a hose, or a screw cap on the pressurized reservoir overflow tank.
  2. Turn heater on hot and fan on high. Run engine until thermostat opens or normal operating temperature is reached. Turn vehicle off and allow engine to cool. This may take up to 30 minutes or longer.
  3. Top off radiator (add coolant as needed) and either run engine at high idle (approximately 1200 RPM’s for vehicles with a tachometer) or gently drive for 15 minutes. Turn vehicle off and allow engine to cool.
  4. Top off radiator and leave Bar’s Leaks Head Seal Blown Head Gasket Repair in system for continued protection. Drive vehicle as normal. Most leaks seal instantly, but some can take additional thermocycles which happen over a few days of usage.

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  • Professional-grade, easy-to-use head gasket solution
  • Strongest antifreeze-compatible solution on the market

A PTEN Top 100 Award-winning Product for 2016

When you think about a blown head gasket, do you see your money being spent at the repair shop? How much time and inconvenience is involved in taking your car to a mechanic for blown head gasket repair? The lost time is a frustration, and the money it takes to alleviate a head gasket leak is overwhelming. That’s because fixing a head gasket can cost you quite a bit (typically $1,500-$3,000). We know you would rather spend that money on the things that matter most. That’s why we created this professional-grade, easy-to-use head gasket solution. It’ll repair your leaking head gasket and save you money.

Bar’s Leaks Professional Carbon Fiber Blown Head Gasket Repair is the strongest antifreeze-compatible solution on the market, period. It penetrates a leaking, damaged or blown head gasket, drying to form a seal that’s actually stronger than the original head gasket itself. It’s the best formula to stop all other coolant leaks in plastic, cast iron, copper and aluminum radiators, heater cores, freeze plugs, gaskets, intake manifolds, cylinder heads and engine blocks. The special formulation also contains Xtreme Cool™, which stops overheating and reduces water temperature. Our fast, effective head gasket sealer is the result of decades of research and testing by top-flight chemical engineers. When you choose Bar’s Leaks for blown head gasket repair, you’ve got a product that’s designed to fit perfectly into the lifestyle and budget of everyday drivers.

A physical blown head gasket repair can be expensive, which is why Bar’s Leaks is proud to offer an affordable solution for your head gasket leak. And best of all, you don’t need any automotive expertise to install our head gasket sealer. If you know how to open the hood of your car, you can use this blown head gasket repair product.

Bar’s Leaks Professional Series – the products used by techs nationwide. Go grab yourself a bottle so you can spend your money on the things that matter. It’s time to get your show back on the road. Don’t let a blown head gasket sideline your life – or your wallet.


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  82 Reviews
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 82 reviews
 by Brooklynn T.
I would 100% recommend to anyone

I had a blown head gasket on my car and when I put this in, it worked wonders and it also saved me from spending 2500$ on a new head gasket. Worked for my dad and I'm so glad it worked for me. I would 100% recommend to anyone who has the same problem as me. I’d spend 50$ over 2500$ any day. Saved my wallet.

 by James B.

Impressive! I thought this was another scam, but I was wrong. This stuff does what it says it does, my coolant leak is GONE! Only wish someone convinced me a bit sooner.

 by John C.

Hi, my 20 year old BMW was losing coolant, I did an internet search and watched a YouTube video about your product and decided to purchase your Bar's Leaks Head Seal Blown Head Gasket Repair. It's worked great and have not lost any coolant. Awesome stuff.

 by Robert B.
Product does what it says, unlike others out there

My name is Robert. I'm 59 years old and live on a fixed income. I have a 1995 Chevy S10 pickup 4.3 motor that the head gasket blow. In 5 miles of driving it lost 2 gallons of water out the tailpipe, that how bad it was.

I was told to get a new motor for it because it would be cheaper than doing a head gasket job. I looked on the internet and read about your Bar's Leaks Professional Head Seal Blown Head Gasket Repair. The videos I watched about it sounded too good to be true. Needing help badly, I bought it and used it. I'm shocked it worked. I can believe it but it did I never wrote or called about anything I brought that worked or not worked but I'm so happy with your product. It worked, it really did, thank you. Most products say the same thing and don't work - they just take your money. Yours does what it says. Again thank you.

 by Sky S.

It is awesome and works great!

 by Paul anderson
Worked in my 1987 Dodge Caravan

Hi, I had a blown head gasket with my 1987 Dodge Caravan 2.6 Mitsubishi engine. It would overheat in 3 minutes with the radiator boiling over. I put this stuff in said a prayer, now my van has been working great! I don't know how long it will last but thanks for helping me repair her long enough to enjoy the miles driving this old girl!

 by Giovany P.
Practically repaired my Ford F550 leaks instantly

In my experience with the product, the result was very fast. I have an F550 truck with cooling leaks and this practically repaired them instantly. I stopped emitting white smoke. In my opinion, the product is excellent, I am very happy with the result, thank you.

 by Andy
Saved my truck 600 miles from home

Head gasket blew on my 2006 Tundra while I was 600 miles from home. Luckily I was in a parking lot and didn't have to move it for a day or so. Local mechanic couldn't look at it for 4 more days and estimated it would take several days after that to replace the head gasket. Found Head Seal online and thought I'd give it try since I had nothing to lose. I bought it at AutoZone the next day and followed the instructions to the letter. Couldn't pour the whole bottle into my radiator so I was a little worried it wouldn't seal. After a day of light driving around town and checking the coolant level every 30 mins, I decided I would try driving 600 miles home. Every hour I pulled over at a gas station and again checked the coolant level and nothing changed. Coolant temp was constant the entire trip. Can't believe Head Seal is pure magic.

 by Daryl
Blown head gasket

I was out of town when truck overheated so I pulled over to assess the issue when I realized I had a blown head gasket. Needless to say money signs was all I could see. Just knowing I was out of town with a broke down truck and not really any time available for me not to have my truck, I started calling around for prices to fix the blown head gasket I got quotes from $2000 to 4500 to fix the blown head gasket in my truck.

I never have heard about Bar's Leaks Head Gasket Repair as I was very skeptical about paying $60 for a bottle because as you all know most of the time stuff like that just don't work. So I took a gamble and purchased Bar's Leaks Head Gasket Repair, did everything the bottle said to do, and then went for a test drive and my truck overheated again so I redid the steps as bottle noted and then test drove again.

I have not leaked one drop of fluid out of my radiator since that was 4000 miles ago and truck is still running strong as it should. Needless to say I was very, very impressed and I still am so thanks to all of you who have come together to invent something this strong that really works and continues to work. Again I would recommend it immediately for any kind of coolant leak it really, really works. Thanks Bar's, you save cars.

 by Russ S.
Amazing product

Thanks for your amazing products. My Honda 2002 Accord I purchased had a blown head gasket. I used the head gasket repair (Bar's Leaks HG-1)
It worked for over 2000 miles until I could afford a full fix. A great temporary repair. Thank you.

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