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Head Gasket Fix


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This easy-to-use contains a combination of antifreeze-compatible sodium silicate sealing liquid and various gasket-sealing particles that penetrate gaps and cracks and harden to permanently stop leaks. It’s liquid technology for damaged, leaking or blown head gaskets, and with over two million bottles sold, you can count on it to perform. We have a team of top-flight chemical engineers who are always innovating and pursuing ways to improve our existing products. As auto manufacturers introduce new technologies, we offer new products that will help everyday drivers save time and money through fast and effective solutions.


Protect from freezing.

  1. Allow engine to cool. Make sure engine is cool enough so radiator cap can be safely removed.
  2. Shake well. Pour Head Gasket Fix directly into radiator. If using in a small cooling system including all 3 and 4 cylinder engines, use 1/2 bottle. TIP: If direct access to radiator is not available and if overflow tank is pressurized, you can install in tank.
  3. Fill radiator and overflow tank to proper level and reinstall radiator cap. Start engine.
  4. Turn heater on hot and fan on high.
  5. Idle engine for 15 minutes.
  6. Turn off and allow engine to cool.
  7. Top off (fill up) radiator and leave Bar’s Leaks Head Gasket Fix in cooling system for continued protection. Drive vehicle as normal. Many leaks seal instantly, but some can take a few additional days of usage.

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  • Antifreeze compatible
  • Simple installation – no expertise required
  • Over 2 million bottles sold

If the words “blown head gasket” make you nervous, we’re right there with you. We know firsthand that fixing a blown head gasket requires a hefty chunk of change and a few days without your car. Who has time to spend taking their car to the shop for a blown head gasket? And who has the extra cash to pay for a blown head gasket without planning for it? No, visiting the shop for a blown head gasket fix isn’t ideal. But what if we told you it was possible to fix this yourself with one of the most reliable blown head gasket solutions on the planet?

Our easy-to-use Bar’s Leaks Head Gasket Fix will not only save you all that cash, but also get you back on the road in less than an hour. At Bar’s Leaks, we specialize in creating chemical repair solutions that are fast, easy, effective and affordable. Rather than spending hundreds or thousands of dollars at the repair shop, you spend just a few dollars — and all without any of the inconvenience.

Using our head gasket repair liquid is easy. Simply follow along with Bobby and Caitlin in our how-to video to safely and quickly get your car back on the road. There’s no reason a blown head gasket should sideline your life.


For nearly 70 years, Bar’s Leaks has served car owners with effective solutions to complicated problems like blown head gaskets and leaks related to engine oil, power steering, cooling systems, transmissions and more. Each product is developed and manufactured right here in the U.S.A., just an hour outside Detroit, and each comes with the promise of ease-of-use and incredible results. While you can find other head gasket repair liquids on the market, other products don’t always fix the problem — and they can sometimes make your issue even worse.

As the best-known chemical repair brand in America, we take it as a point of pride to offer the best blown head gasket fix on the market. When you need a head gasket repair liquid that you can trust to get the job done right, look for the company that’s successfully served the needs of tens of millions of customers over many decades. Trust Bar’s Leaks and our range of head gasket repair liquid and other products.

Find our where to buy your blown head gasket fix today.

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  80 Reviews
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 80 reviews
by Doug B. on
2013 Prius 2. 177k miles fixed

I have a 2013 prius I bought cash and in the mornings I was getting the tell tale sign of the prius rattle of death. Went ahead and did the plugs and the coil packs since I was kicking P301 code. Still had the rattle of death then I started noticing a little bit of white smoke coming out the back. $2000 installed to drop a new crate motor in it or instead tried $20 at the local autozone and give this a shot. 2 days later no more rattle of death in the morning. Absolutely amazed and I figure 20 versus 2000 for a crate motor is worth a shot and it WORKED!!!!!. Was going to use the more expensive stuff but watched the video with Scotty Kilmer and he recommended this and hes never led me wrong and all I gotta say is winner winner chicken dinner my urban assault prius is back on the road running grrrrrrreat..

by Andan on
It Worked!

Our beloved 1995 Toyota Previa had been losing coolant slowly for several months and finally started having a bit of a hydrolock on cold starting, accompanied by coolant dribbling out of and exhaust flange. It was either a blown head gasket or the very fine cracks that sometimes develop around the valve seats in the cylinder head of this supercharged engine. It has 240,000 miles on it.

I read up on stop-leak products, and the consensus seems to be that Bar's has the longest history and best track record. I'm usually inclined to go with the premium product in a line, but I emailed Bar's about which of their head gasket fixes was best for our symptoms. They got back to me in a few hours, and I followed up with a call. The tech was very patient and thorough, suggesting that the 1111 product was probably the right one. I was impressed that he made no effort whatsoever to steer me to the premium HG-1, which costs twice as much, and that he explained that the cheaper 1100 required two days and more than a dozen steps because it wasn't compatible with antifreeze.

I told him that I had been adding plain water to top up our losses, and therefore wanted to drain and refill with new antifreeze. He agreed that that would be a good procedure.

I put in the antifreeze and the 1111, topped it up with water, and started the engine. I got the telltale white steam out of the exhaust for about a minute, then it stopped. I never did get heat out of the heater core, so I suspect that it was still a bit low. After 15 minutes with no heat, I was wondering if I should run it more, but the instructions said 15 minutes and let it cool down. On the strength of that, I shut it off and left it overnight.

Next morning, I checked the reservoir and added a bit more water to bring the level up to the full line, then started it. No hydrolock, no steam, no dribble from the exhaust. Took it out for a 20-minute drive at local and highways speeds (up to 75mph). Got heat from the heater after about 5 minutes. Left it overnight again.

Next morning, coolant precisely on the full mark, and the van runs like it got a new lease on life. I wanted to wait a few days to write a review, just to be sure it was the real deal.

This is our third Previa, and we just love this vehicle, which went out of production 22 years ago. The second one developed those cracks, and that was a $2400 repair. This one cost us $22 for the Bar's product and $13 for the jug of antifreeze.

Follow the instructions and let it do its magic. I'm sure there are some situations it can't fix, where the engine is just too far gone, but we were contemplating scrapping this vehicle, which is otherwise in excellent condition for its age, and were able to repair it overnight for less than $50.

As the old song says, I'm a believer!

by Cash M. - Ellington, CT on

A shop I trust told me that the cylinders 1 and 4 misfire on my PT Cruiser (201,801 miles) were due to a worn gasket. No way I'd pass emissions and the cost could approach $2,500. I parked the car and considered my options. Then I recalled fixing a radiator leak with Bar's Leaks, and realized Bar's Leaks makes a head gasket repair product! The initial fix corrected one cylinder instantly. The second took more product and heat cycles to fix, with only days left to the emissions test - passed!! WOW!

by Don Froyd on

After being in the automotive industry for almost 40 years I have seen my share of head gasket issues and the chemicals that claimed to fix them. This one works. We have a 1997 Plymouth Breeze 2.0 l sedan with 170,000 miles that developed an external head gasket leak. No overheating or oil/coolant intermix. I researched this product and followed the label instructions. I did need to remove a small amount of coolant in able to add the product then top off. Ran the engine at idle for the specified time with the heat on and let cool. Here we are 30 days later and I have not added coolant and the area under the cylinder head/block area is dry. This is a superior product!!

by Donald A. Tevault on
Head Gasket Fix

My '90 Dodge Ram 318 was going through anti-freeze like crazy due to a head gasket leak. A couple of years ago, I gave $26.00 for a can of this stuff at Wal-Mart, and I haven't put anti-freeze in the truck since. Well done, Bar's Leaks!

by TK on
Stop leak fix

Thick white smoke stopped completely after 2 days and car is running very good. Minimal regular exhaust now with no coolant smell in the cabin. Thanks for saving me well over $2k to replace the head gasket.$26.88 plus tax at my local Walmart store. (2005 Chevy Cobalt 2.2 Eco Tech motor, 146k miles)

by Angel Gordon - Doraville, GA on

I want to take this time and thank you for caring about your customers. My car has been sitting for one year because I could not afford to fix it being a single mother and unemployed. No one mentioned your product to me until I did my own research. Wow! you mean to say I could have been rolling long time ago? Anyhow I bought the Permanent Head gasket for $30.00 dollars at Kmart and rushed home like a child with new toy. I was so amazed because the instructions were so simple. Not having to drain anything or tow my car to a shop. Anyhow you all saved me $2000 and not hearing from the mechanic say that other parts are broken. Thanks Bar's Leaks. Now I need to find a lubricate for my coolant sensor maybe, you will never know with all this advanced technology.

by Jeff Severson - Grayslake, IL on

I just wanted to say that I am very impressed with your Head Gasket Fix. I had coolant leaking out of my head gasket and poured a half bottle of it in my radiator and the leaked stopped withing a minute after the thermostat opened. I was a bit leary of using a stop leak for fear of clogging up my heater or radiator but so far I have no problem with that. A 30 dollar bottle of your Head Gasket Fix appears to have saved me over a grand in repair cost.

by M. Hermosa - Rainbow City, AL on

I was in the middle of nowhere 300 hundred miles from home towing a car with my '94 6.5L turbo Diesel Chevy Blazer, I looked back and saw a huge white cloud, checked the water temp and it was at 260, coolant was dripping out the exhaust pipe. The belt had shredded, I hitchhiked to the nearest town bought a belt, coolant, and Bar's Block Seal & Head Gasket Fix, I knew it wouldn’t work especially on a diesel but I was not close to a garage or hotel, I followed the instructions and waited, IT WORKED! I continued on my trip and back home, I was really impressed, good stuff! It saved me a few thousand dollars!

by B. B. - Crystal Lake, IL on

I have a 1994 Dodge Caravan. The heat did not work and smelled like anti-freeze vapor, the engine would sputter, smelled like burnt anti-freeze, and generated vapor out the exhaust. My mechanic advised the car needed a $1,500 head gasket repair! Well, that's not happening so what do I do? First, I tried a product called Steel Seal, and that didn't work at all. Then I discovered your Head Gasket Fix on the shelf at one of our local retailers. I actually didn't expect it to work, but thought it was worth a try. That was 1,000 miles ago and my Caravan is running just fine now. The Heat works and doesn't smell like anti-freeze. The engine doesn't smell like burnt anti-freeze, and there is no engine sputtering, all this at 1/3 of the cost of that inferior Steal Seal product. Thank you Bar's Leaks, your stuff really works!

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