Jack Oil with Stop Leak (HJ12)

Jack Oil with Stop Leak


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Bar’s Leaks Jack Oil with Stop Leak is engineered to stop seal and o-ring leaks caused by normal jack wear and age. If you regularly have to add oil to your jack (and snow plow hydraulics), you’re probably dealing with a leak. This formula renews old jacks and light hydraulics and prevents leaks and seepage on new jacks and hydraulics. Not to mention, it mixes with all approved hydraulic jack oils as well as snow plow fluids, and works in all floor and bottle jacks. It’s 100% safe: non-corrosive, non-clogging and non-foaming.


Clean area around filler cap. Fill jack to proper level. Do not overfill. Cycle jack by lifting and releasing a few times to release any air caught in system. Leaks usually stop in a few days of normal use. If leak continues, repair may be required.

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The Bar’s Leaks Jack Oil with Stop Leak is specially designed to stop seal and O-ring leaks caused by normal jack wear and age. If you find yourself having to add oil to your jack, it most likely has a leak. This product renews old jacks and prevents leaks and seepage on newer jacks. Not to mention, it mixes with all approved hydraulic jack oils as well as snow plow fluids, it works in all floor and bottle jacks, and it’s non-corrosive, non-clogging and non-foaming.

All of our leak repair solutions are the result of careful research, design and development processes undertaken by our team of top-flight chemical engineers. Each Bar’s Leaks product, our jack oil with stop leak included, is designed to represent the utmost in usability, affordability and effectiveness. When you choose Bar’s Leaks for your jack oil and other stop leak needs, you can always count on getting performance that works at a price that saves you money.

Keep a bottle of this handy in your garage and you can rest assured you’ll be able to quickly and safely get your show back on the road. No worries, no hassle.


For nearly 70 years, Bar’s Leaks has been providing chemical repair solutions for a variety of automotive and other mechanical problems. In our selection of products, you’ll find solutions for hydraulic jack oil, leaking cooling systems, head gaskets, engine oil, power steering, transmissions and much more. Each solution is affordably priced, representing huge savings over the alternative of visiting a mechanic. Each solution is effective in getting the job done, meaning you have jack oil with stop leak that really does stop leaks. And each solution is easy to use, meaning you need no advanced skills or expertise to install it.

Made in the U.S.A., just an hour outside of Detroit, each Bar’s Leaks product is developed and manufactured with pride. We’re always looking for ways to improve our existing jack oil options, and we’re constantly designing new products to keep up with advanced automotive and hydraulic technologies and innovations. When you want jack oil with stop leak that you can trust, choose Bar’s Leaks, the most trusted name in chemical repairs.

Get your hydraulic jack oil with stop leak today.

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  3 Reviews
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 3 reviews
 by D. S. - Johnstown, VA

You people are geniuses! Over the years, I have used your various products with 100% success! I had a floor jack that "died" and was going to put it out for the trash. BUT, I saw your floor jack "fix it in a bottle" and tried it. Still batting 100%! Since I am in my mid-fifties, do you have anything that stops memory leaks?

 by J. Gopy - Madison, WI

I have used this product on my snowplows (I have two) and each time it repaired the small hydraulic leaks and conditioned the plows for yet another season. I know these will die eventually but so far this product has kept me going two seasons past what I expected. Thanks you guys have saved me a lot of money.

 by Ben - New Carlisle, Ohio

This stuff works! I loaned a floor jack to a friend who didn't take care of it. When he returned it the carrying case was broke and the jack was leaking. I continued to use it for a period of time before it would not raise past half height, making it almost useless. I was about to throw it away but bought this product while out one day. I drained the remainder of the old fluid and replaced it with Bar's Leaks Jack Oil with Stop Leak. The jack works perfectly again. Thanks for saving me about $100 bucks for a new jack!

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