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Aging – as something gets older, it doesn’t perform like it did when it was young. It’s a natural process, and one that we can deal with.  A car’s engine ages over time and can lose its efficiency and power. As your engine gains more miles, oil alone can’t do the job. Engines lose their like-new performance over time, but there are ways to deal with the problem — if you know where to look. Bar’s Leaks Engine Repair helps to stop and prevent these problems, and also extends the useful life of your engine.


Adding to existing engine oil:

Remove engine dipstick and check oil level. If oil is low, remove oil cap and install entire contents of the two-chamber bottle into engine crankcase. Do not overfill. Top off with manufacturers recommended engine oil as needed. Reinstall dipstick and oil cap. Drive/ idle engine for 10-15 minutes. Depending on the engine problem, results will either be immediate or noticeable within two days or 100 miles of driving. In engines with seriously damaged components, a second treatment may be required. In this case, it is suggested that the oil and filter be changed, and a second application of Engine Repair be added.

When changing oil:

If using Engine Repair when changing oil, add entire contents of bottle after filter is changed. Then refill with manufacturer’s recommended oil to proper level. Drive vehicle and recheck oil level.

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The natural wear that occurs inside even modern engines can cause reduced oil pressure, loss of compression, lower fuel mileage, leaks, smoking and noise. Bar’s Leaks Engine Repair contains a combination of the industry’s best performance additives to repair these common oil-related problems. It restores your engine while improving the performance of worn cylinders, rings, bearings, and seals. Our engine stop leak products are the result of extensive research and testing. At Bar’s Leaks, we employ a team of top-flight chemical engineers who are experienced in automotive repair chemicals and always on the lookout for way to improve engine seal performances.

When you choose engine seal repair from Bar’s Leaks, you’ll have a fast, effective, affordable solution to a common automotive issue. When you walk out and see a puddle underneath your vehicle, you probably think about the money it will cost to repair and the inconvenience of visiting a mechanic. But engine seal repair from Bar’s Leaks only costs a few dollars, it takes little time, and you need no special automotive expertise to install it.


For nearly 70 years, Bar’s Leaks and our team of chemical engineers and customer service representatives have been working to serve everyday drivers with effective solutions for engine seals and other issues. In our selection of products, you’ll find engine stop leaks, as well as solutions for cooling systems, head gaskets, power steering, transmission and other vital car components. While you can find other products that claim to offer engine seal repair, many alternatives fail to get the job done, and some actually make your problem worse.

Made in the U.S.A., just an hour outside Detroit, Bar’s Leaks products are time-tested solutions that everyday drivers find affordable and easy to use. We have become the best-known brand in the stop leak industry, because we are committed to creating and delivering the best engine stop leak and other leak solutions, and we’re always finding ways to improve our technology. Trust Bar’s Leaks when you experience engine seal and other automotive leaks.

Get your engine seal repair solution today.

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  10 Reviews
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 10 reviews
 by Chris Plummer
It works

Bar's works great. Recently bought 2006 Malibu Maxx 240k, I knew it had an internal issue due click noise, valve or lifter, got a diagnosis device, it consistently had a Cylinder 1 misfire, it seemed mostly a compression issue. Through an errant 5/30 oil change and use of Marvel treatment, almost killed it,costing $800 in diagnosing and replacing all wires/plugs, but two more oil changes to 10/40 then a Bar's treatment, the compression is now good, noise near gone and no cylinder misfire diagnosed. I'm going to add another half bottle, until next oil change and replenish fully again. ..I've used in past on 1990 Isuzu Trooper and a 2003 Yukon, Jeeps, though less severe problems, but between Bar's and Castrol High mileage, an engine can be saved, and improved.

 by J. H. - Tucson, AZ

Hello, I want to give you a testimony of my experience with Bar's Leaks Engine Repair 2 Part Formula. Six months ago I was having a problem with my 1993 Saturn SL2. It was smoking out of the exhaust. I went to an auto parts store to look for an additive to help reduce the smoke. I decided to try Bar's Leaks Engine Repair 2 Part Formula. It helped. Then, I had a major breakdown of the car's running ability. The catalytic converter had to be replaced, and the mechanic replaced various other components of the emission control system. The car's yearly tag renewal was coming due, which requires the passing of an emissions test, so I took the car to have it tested. When I got to the front of the line, at the point just before entering the test area, and as my car was idling, it began smoking out of the exhaust. I knew then that I was likely in trouble. The car failed so far out of the acceptable standards that it wasn't even close enough to get a one year waiver (which can be obtained if the emissions are within double the standards). The mechanic had changed the car's oil, and Bar's Leaks had not been added. Knowing that Bar's Leaks had reduced the smoking before, I decided to go to a parts store, purchase a bottle, and add it. I also added a bottle of Heet to the gas. The next day, after driving maybe ten miles to the testing station and maybe a few miles around where I live, I had the car tested again. This time it failed, but within range of qualifying for a waiver. I got all my paper work together and went to the place where a waiver is obtained. They tested it again, and it passed! I think that the increased miles driven since adding the Bar's Leaks allowed the additive more opportunity to do its work. In the six months since then, up until I recently changed the oil again, the smoke hasn't returned. That's with one treatment. I've decided to use a bottle of it every time I change the car's oil.

 by S. M. - San Diego, CA

I have a 1995 Chevy Z71 with 163,000 miles on it. I love this truck, but over the last several months, I've noticed a few drops of oil over each night. I tried another "Leak Stop" product that made the problem worse. I thought about just replacing the engine, but gave Bars 2-part Engine Repair a try. I put the quart in, drove around town and parked it. I placed an aluminum oil catch pan underneath to see if it worked. Guess what...NO OIL!! Thanks Bar's... you saved me several thousand dollars on a new engine. I'll use your product until my truck retires.

 by A. J. D. - Sewell, NJ

I had a oil leak on my 2000 GMC Somona and since I have 85,000 miles on the truck I used Bar's Leaks Engine Repair. It has been about two weeks now and it has stopped the oil drips on my driveway completely. I think the drips were from my rear main seal. Thanks!

 by R. Cann - Denver, CO

Absolutely the best investment I could have made for my high-mileage Dodge. Did EXACTLY what it said it would, in UNDER 100 miles. Stopped my noises and knocks, and improved overall performance. Sure saved me alot of money, and I would highly recommend this product to any consumer who is on a tight budget like myself ...Thanks Bar's Leaks!! (Engine Repair)

 by J. Grasso - SD, California.

Had the oil pan gasket replaced on my 94 Geo Metro and still had a leak. Used the Bar's leak and drove the car to run errands and checked it each time we stopped. No leaks, thank you Bar's.

 by T.M. - Miami Beach, FL

I have a 2004 Infiniti G35X with 178,000 miles. I first used Bar's Leaks Engine Repair 2 Part Formula about 4 months ago. I took my car for an oil change and noticed that the car was leaking oil thereafter. My first thought was to take it back to the mechanic to fix the problem that I felt they caused. Until I did some research, read some reviews and came across Bar's Leaks Engine Repair 2 Part Formula. One formula and the issue was solved. I did get another oil change 3 days ago and added a formula again. Rather safe than sorry!!! Thanks Bar's.

 by B.J. - Holly Ridge, NC

I have a 1989 Jeep Wrangler with 209K miles. It's just starting to knock, and I am always adding oil. I have had mechanics tell me to just run it until it stops. I was advised to try the Bar's Leaks Engine Repair, and so far the knock had subsided and its been over a month now and I have yet to add oil. This stuff is amazing.

 by Ken - Texas

I once owned a 2000 Toyota Sienna that had over 244,xxx miles on it. We bought the van used with 79,xxx miles on and put almost all those miles on it without any major issues. Right around 220,xxx miles the transmission gave up so we got it rebuilt. In order to rebuild the trans we had to take out a loan but nonetheless we were back up and going. Went to go do my first oil change after trans rebuild and noticed the van had produced a substantial oil leak. Not sure if it was related to the trans work because the leak was from the front of the engine which was also the furthest point away from the trans.

So considering all the time and money just spent on the trans we really wasn't able to get it in immediately to be looked at so I began to look around for something to NOT fix the issue but buy us a little time until we could get it looked at by a professional so I got this stuff after heavily researching it online and reading reviews. With all the stop leak products on the market the reviews brought it down to just 2 options. Either Lucas or this and again I was working on a budget and this was cheaper so I dumped it in the van with the oil change and I'm not sure how far or long after that I drove it but I was finally able to get it into my mechanic and he said he could definitely see where the oil had been leaking in the past but couldn't find any leaks of any kind on the engine.

After picking up my van from the shop I kept a close eye on my oil level and it quit doing 2 things: 1) it quit leaving oil puddles in my driveway 2) it quit using oil. After I put this in it always maintained a good oil level. Today the Sienna is long gone sold it to a family who needed it and it's still going but I did just use it on my new to me wheels: 2000 F150 v6 with 246,xxx. Considering the miles it's very mechanically sound. It's having issues maintaining good oil level. Haven't seen any puddles so possibly it's consuming the oil so now it's the next chapter but had such good results with the Sienna I couldn't resist so this isn't the end of this story but the end of Sienna chapter and starting a new F150 chapter and since I just did the oil change today this is to be continued...

 by Rich H. - Stroudsburg, PA

Wow. After always being cautious adding anything to engines decided to give this a try after reading other reviews.

I have a 2002 Mitsubishi Montero 4x4 with 220,000 miles. It started to run a little rough and burning oil not horrible but enough with smoke from exhaust. Then the smoke got worse but no noise from the motor. First replaced PCV valve, then a bottle of Bar's Leaks 2 Part Engine repair and topped off the oil. Took the truck on a 20 mile ride at speeds 35-55. When I pulled back in my driveway truck was smooth and quiet and NO smoke from exhaust. I was able to see the smoke in mirrors before now non existing and ran like a different truck. Try this stuff and see for yourself and don't forget the PCV valve so the crank case can breathe.

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