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Aging – as something gets older, it doesn’t perform like it did when it was young. It’s a natural process, and one that we can deal with.  A car’s engine ages over time and can lose its efficiency and power. As your engine gains more miles, oil alone can’t do the job. Engines lose their like-new performance over time, but there are ways to deal with the problem — if you know where to look. Bar’s Leaks Engine Repair helps to stop and prevent these problems, and also extends the useful life of your engine.


Adding to existing engine oil:

Remove engine dipstick and check oil level. If oil is low, remove oil cap and install entire contents of the two-chamber bottle into engine crankcase. Do not overfill. Top off with manufacturers recommended engine oil as needed. Reinstall dipstick and oil cap. Drive/ idle engine for 10-15 minutes. Depending on the engine problem, results will either be immediate or noticeable within two days or 100 miles of driving. In engines with seriously damaged components, a second treatment may be required. In this case, it is suggested that the oil and filter be changed, and a second application of Engine Repair be added.

When changing oil:

If using Engine Repair when changing oil, add entire contents of bottle after filter is changed. Then refill with manufacturer’s recommended oil to proper level. Drive vehicle and recheck oil level.

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The natural wear that occurs inside even modern engines can cause reduced oil pressure, loss of compression, lower fuel mileage, leaks, smoking and noise. Bar’s Leaks Engine Repair contains a combination of the industry’s best performance additives to repair these common oil-related problems. It restores your engine while improving the performance of worn cylinders, rings, bearings, and seals. Our engine stop leak products are the result of extensive research and testing. At Bar’s Leaks, we employ a team of top-flight chemical engineers who are experienced in automotive repair chemicals and always on the lookout for way to improve engine seal performances.

When you choose engine seal repair from Bar’s Leaks, you’ll have a fast, effective, affordable solution to a common automotive issue. When you walk out and see a puddle underneath your vehicle, you probably think about the money it will cost to repair and the inconvenience of visiting a mechanic. But engine seal repair from Bar’s Leaks only costs a few dollars, it takes little time, and you need no special automotive expertise to install it.


For nearly 70 years, Bar’s Leaks and our team of chemical engineers and customer service representatives have been working to serve everyday drivers with effective solutions for engine seals and other issues. In our selection of products, you’ll find engine stop leaks, as well as solutions for cooling systems, head gaskets, power steering, transmission and other vital car components. While you can find other products that claim to offer engine seal repair, many alternatives fail to get the job done, and some actually make your problem worse.

Made in the U.S.A., just an hour outside Detroit, Bar’s Leaks products are time-tested solutions that everyday drivers find affordable and easy to use. We have become the best-known brand in the stop leak industry, because we are committed to creating and delivering the best engine stop leak and other leak solutions, and we’re always finding ways to improve our technology. Trust Bar’s Leaks when you experience engine seal and other automotive leaks.

Get your engine seal repair solution today.

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  19 Reviews
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 19 reviews
 by June G.
Stopped leaking and gave me back lost horsepower

I would like to give a 5 star review on the Engine Repair product #1000. This product has made a lot of difference when I used it on my ‘01 Mitsubishi Montero Sport with a 6 cylinder engine. It stopped the leaking oil effectively and gave me back the lost horsepower due to the problem.

 by Brian H.
Cured my sluggish and smoky engine

Hi, I used the High Mileage Engine Repair part #1000. My motor was sluggish and had blow-by smoke and this cured it to this day.

 by Nicholas L.
Great product from an American company

I recently used Bar’s Engine Repair (1000) after my high mileage vehicle started running rough and had a high idle rate. After driving for 60 to 70 miles the engine runs much quieter, and the idle is as smooth and quiet as the day the car was new. An amazing product from a great company, keep up the great work!

 by Julie H.
Used in lawnmower

I am very pleased with Bar’s Leaks product, the Engine Repair (1000). 

I bought the product for my lawnmower and it works better because of it.

 by John C.
Renews older engines

I am reviewing Bar’s Leaks Engine Repair p/n 1000. Having older vehicles, I’ve used this product several times. As vehicles age and the motor starts to not work as well or as smooth, this product has made a world of difference in restoring the function of, and bringing longevity to the motor, I would recommend this product to anyone, and will use it again!

 by Michael B.
Literally pays for itself

Noticed immediate improvement to horsepower and fuel consumption upon using this product.  It was easy to use and very affordable.  Paid itself back after 2nd full tank of gas. 

 by Frank Reece
Start up rattle and ticking

I have a 2011 Ford Expedition 5.4L 215k miles it had the common start up rattle and ticking. The dealer told me I needed a new motor for 9k. I tried the engine repair and no more rattle and ticking. Love it.

 by John P.
2013 Jeep Wrangler Oil Consumption Issues

I believe the issue may be fixed. I changed my oil and filter, added Bar's Leaks Engine Repair, drove for 500 miles on and off-road and didn’t have to add any oil. Before Bar's, I have tried everything. This last trip, my 3.6 Pentastar ate 6 quarts of oil in one week of highway and off-road driving. Just ridiculous. After I added Bar's, I had the chance to off-road twice and have not leaked any oil. Hopefully this continues. Chrysler has the audacity to put in a service bulletin how these engines consume up to 2 quarts every 500 miles after 75,000. That’s ludicrous. No engine should consume oil at any acceptable rate. Garbage lawyer nonsense.

 by David

Used Engine Repair part #1000 on my old John Deere tractor and it worked like a miracle. The engine was running smoother and far less smoke within a few hours of run time.

 by Chris Plummer
It works

Bar's works great. Recently bought 2006 Malibu Maxx 240k, I knew it had an internal issue due click noise, valve or lifter, got a diagnosis device, it consistently had a Cylinder 1 misfire, it seemed mostly a compression issue. Through an errant 5/30 oil change and use of Marvel treatment, almost killed it,costing $800 in diagnosing and replacing all wires/plugs, but two more oil changes to 10/40 then a Bar's treatment, the compression is now good, noise near gone and no cylinder misfire diagnosed. I'm going to add another half bottle, until next oil change and replenish fully again. ..I've used in past on 1990 Isuzu Trooper and a 2003 Yukon, Jeeps, though less severe problems, but between Bar's and Castrol High mileage, an engine can be saved, and improved.

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