Radiator Stop Leak Tablets (1177)

Radiator Stop Leak Tablets


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What sets our product apart is its unparalleled range of effectiveness, traditionally available only through professional mechanic services, now accessible directly to you. This product formulation has been trusted and utilized on the assembly lines by OEM automakers globally for over three decades, a testament to its reliability and high quality.

Our commitment to excellence doesn’t stop at our current product range. The dedication of our skilled chemical engineers extends to ongoing research and development, ensuring that our solutions not only meet but exceed current automotive standards. We are constantly adapting and evolving our products to align with the latest in automotive technology and innovations.

Choose Bar’s Leaks Radiator Stop Leak Tablets for an efficient, reliable, and professional-grade solution to maintain and enhance the health of your vehicle’s cooling system.

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This is the evolution of our #1 bestselling radiator stop leak tablets. Welcome to the next generation.

Bar’s Leaks Radiator Stop Leak Cooling System Supplement Tablets are a professional-grade solution engineered for those who prefer to take vehicle care into their own hands. Expertly crafted by our team of leading chemical engineers, this product is an example of our automotive innovation and expertise.

These tablets are designed to comprehensively protect and enhance your cooling system. They efficiently inhibit rust and scale formation, expertly neutralize pH imbalances, and meticulously control electrolysis. Beyond these preventive measures, our tablets also specialize in lubricating and sealing various leak types, including internal, external, and coolant-to-oil leaks.

Cooling systems that are dirty or partially clogged should be flushed before usage.

  1. Remove radiator cap when engine is cool.
  2. Tablets may be crumbled or pre-dissolved (use warm tap water) for easier application. Install one tablet for each three quarts of cooling system capacity. If vehicle does not have a regular radiator cap, remove top hose where it attaches to radiator and install tablets in hose and then reinstall hose.
  3. Fill radiator and reservoir to proper level.
  4. Reinstall radiator cap.
  5. Drive/idle engine for 15 minutes at normal operating temperature.
  6. If leak persists, a second application may be necessary.

One package treats systems up to 15 quarts. For larger systems use one tablet for each three quarts of cooling system capacity.
For continued protection of the entire cooling system, repeat Bar’s Leaks application every 15,000 miles or once per year.

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