Most car owners aren’t expert mechanics. When they notice a puddle underneath their vehicles, or when they turn the steering wheel and hear the telltale whine that indicates a leak, they start to think about the time it’ll take to visit a mechanic and how much the bill will be when the work is complete.
But this doesn’t have to be the reality, no matter how little you know about cars and automotive maintenance. Rather, when you choose Bar’s Leaks for leak sealants, you gain access to a fast, easy and affordable solution to a variety of automotive needs.

Our award-winning products stop leaks in your critical engine components — quickly and safely. We have a wide rage of formulas specifically made to stop any type of leak from within. All you have to know how to do is open a bottle and the hood of your car. You can take advantage of our advanced car leak sealant products to avoid a time-consuming and expensive visit to the mechanic.

Not sure where your leak is coming from? Not a problem! Our Three-Minute Mechanic guide below will help you identify the source of your leak and recommend the best product to fix it. At Bar’s Leaks, we’re committed to making the process of stopping your leaks as fast and easy as possibly.

We stand behind our leak sealant products — they’re the fastest, safest way to get your show back on the road. Guaranteed.

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3 minute mechanic

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Leak Sealants for All Drivers, No Technical Expertise Required

At Bar's Leaks, our specialty is chemical repair solutions for a range of automotive problems. When you need car leak sealant for issues related to engine oil, power steering, transmissions, head gaskets, cooling systems and other components, we have the leak sealant that saves you time and money – no special expertise required. While you can find a variety of products on the market that claim to be advanced car leak sealants, many of these products fail to get the job done, and some can even make the issue worse.

What makes Bar's Leaks your best bet for car leak sealant? We have nearly 70 years of experience, plus a team of top-flight chemical engineers and customer service representatives who are always searching for ways to create better products and to better serve customers like you. Our goal is to always see you back on the road as quickly as possible, and as easily and inexpensively as possible, too. Bar's Leaks car leak sealants are made right here in the United States, just an hour outside of Detroit. And our tens of millions of products sold through the decades are a testament to the effectiveness of our solutions.