Why Would a Blown Head Gasket Cause Overheating?

The coolant in your vehicle’s engine serves an important purpose: it removes heat from your engine. This heat is created during the combustion process, as your engine fires and ignites the fuel and air mixture that makes the pistons move up and down. Some early engines didn’t have coolant and instead relied on air to cool the engine. Modern engines are much more high-performance than traditional air-cooled engines and require efficient cooling systems to keep them running at the right temperatures.

Your head gasket is an important component in your cooling system. It not only creates a seal between your engine block and head, it also channels coolant for optimal engine cooling. A blown head gasket can allow coolant to either enter your engine, where it is burnt off or leaks out of your engine onto the ground. In both cases, you can starve your engine of the coolant it needs, allowing overheating and permanent engine damage. Blown head gaskets aren’t something you want to ignore for any length of time.

A head gasket leak needs to be repaired as soon as it’s detected. There are several signs that you have a blown head gasket:

  • Low coolant level in your coolant overflow tank
  • A cloud of white smoke coming out of your tailpipe
      • Coolant pooling on the ground when you’re parked01

HG-1If you notice any of these signs, it’s time to fix your blown head gasket. Having a mechanic pull your head and replace your head gasket can cost thousands of dollars, and means your car is off the road for several days or longer. The faster, easier and more affordable solution is blown head gasket repair from Bar’s Leaks. We have specially formulated our head gasket repair products to seal your head gasket permanently. Usually one application is all it takes to get you back on the road.

You can choose from a variety of products, each designed to stop leaks and restore your cooling system performance:

There’s a blown head gasket repair product that can help fix your problem of engine overheating, so use our locator to find a store near you that sells our wide range of mechanic-proven engine repair and head gasket solutions today!

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