Common Summer Car Problems

Summer brings sunshine and higher temperatures, but it can also bring summertime car problems. Here are some common car problems in the summer and hot weather car tips to keep your car running at top condition no matter what the weather may be.

Dead Battery

One common summertime problem is a dead car battery. High temperatures can cause the evaporation of battery fluid, which makes the battery work harder, reducing its efficiency and lifespan. To avoid a dead battery, make sure you:

  • Have the battery changed every three to five years
  • Keep the battery clean
  • Check your electrical system to make sure it’s charging at the proper rate

Engine Overheating

Another common problem in the summer months is an overheated engine. The engine naturally produces a lot of friction and heat, so when temperatures get high and we’re dealing with a heat wave, it’s easy for the engine to become overheated. That’s why it’s important to check your engine in hot weather to monitor its temperature. It’s also a good idea to make sure the engine has the right amount of coolant to help regulate its temperature.

Tire Damage

Tire damage can occur during the summer months for a couple of reasons. First, asphalt heats very quickly, and driving on hot asphalt can cause your tires to lose traction and pressure. Heat also naturally causes tires to lose pressure, as air contracts and expands with changes in temperatures. This change can lead to over- or under-inflated tires, which will reduce your vehicle’s maneuverability, increase wear on its tires and affect your gas mileage.

To avoid excessive tire damage, be sure to check the tire pressure frequently, especially before, during and after any long car trip.

Fluid Leaks

Heat and sun can evaporate essential fluids in your vehicle, from brake fluid to coolant and more, which can cause numerous issues. For example, low brake fluid will compromise the car’s ability to stop, and problems with the engine oil can cause the engine to fail.

Summer heat also causes gasoline to turn into vapor, which will increase the pressure in your gas tank. This pressure is relieved through a system of hoses, but the hotter it is outside, the more the pressure will build. If the hose is cracked at all, the vaporized gasoline will leak out of the tank, which will lower your fuel efficiency.

The biggest thing, however, that we see in hot weather are blown head gaskets. Extreme temperatures will take what is normally a moderate head gasket issue and push it into a more serious problem. This is why we have an entire lineup of proven, industry-leading head gasket repair solutions. We were the very first to innovate a chemical head gasket fix, and we’ve been leading the market since.

Choose Bar’s Leaks Products for Your Car Fluid Needs

At Bar’s Leaks, we have chemical repair solutions for all kinds of automotive needs. From oil leaks to head gasket problems to cooling system issues and more, Bar’s Leaks products will get you back on the road, guaranteed. All of our products are safe, effective and easy to use, and everything we have to offer is made here in the USA.

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