Power Steering Repair (1600)

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Power Steering Repair (1600)

Reduces noise and remedies hard steering caused by power steering fluid leaks. How does a chemical formula repair a power steering fluid leak? Internally, pumps whine, gears have play in them, valves stick, seals leak and the fluid quickly breaks down. Our team of chemical engineers has developed a power steering fluid leak repair product that reconditions the systems and stops the fluid from seeping out. Safe, easy and affordable - with tens of thousands of bottles sold nationally, this is a power steering repair formula that's stood the test of time. Contact Us About This Product Find This Product Near You

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  • Will Bar’s Leaks Power Steering Repair work in my vehicle?

    Yes, Bar’s Leaks Power Steering Repair is compatible with all petroleum based, mineral oil, synthetic and ATF power steering fluids. This includes all domestic, import and heavy duty power steering applications.

  • How long does it take to start working?

    Depending on the power steering problem, results will either be immediate or noticeable within a few days of driving.

  • If first application does not completely stop the leak, may I add another bottle?

    Yes, you can install a second application for hard to stop leaks. We recommend that the power steering fluid be changed and a second application of Bar’s Leaks Power Steering Repair be added.

  • How much do I install?

    The 16 oz Bar’s Leaks Power Steering Repair, part number 1600, is designed for one bottle to be used for every 2 to 3 quarts of power steering fluid, which is the amount most passenger cars and light trucks use. For larger systems use one bottle for every 2.5 quarts of capacity.

  • What are the symptoms of a power steering leak?

    Depending on the severity of the leak, the first thing you may notice is spotting, where you will find fluid spots located on the driveway or garage floor. While looking under the vehicle around the area where the rack & pinion or gearbox is located; or the front of the engine where the belt is located, you will find fluid dripping. The next thing that happens is the steering wheel becomes harder to turn or does not turn smoothly. This is usually accompanied by a squealing or grinding noise when turning the wheel.

  • How does Bar’s Leaks Power Steering Repair stop leaks?

    This product works in two ways to help solve most any o-ring or seal leaks.
    1) The seal restorer additive restores seal size, flexibility and elasticity lost due to heat, age and high mileage.
    2) The seal polymer works by building a polymeric film around the seal or o-ring and also filling in any grooves worn in the shaft.

  • What causes power steering leaks?

    The most common cause of power steering system leaks is age and/or high mileage. After time, power steering seals and o-rings tend to dry out and shrink causing leaks. Bar’s Leaks Power Steering Repair works to revitalize these seals and makes them soft and pliable again.

  • I have fluid collecting in the rubber bellows at either end of my steering rack, is this normal?

    No, the rubber bellows are mainly designed to keep dirt out of the steering rack and only keep in a small amount of thick grease which lubricates the inner tie rod ends. Any signs of fluid in or leaking from the bellows means a seal inside the rack is leaking. Bar’s Leaks Power Steering Repair is the perfect product to use for this type of leak.

  • Will I damage my system if I drive without fluid in my power steering?

    Yes, usually damage to your power steering pump will happen within relatively few miles if you continue to drive with little or no fluid in your power steering reservoir.

  • Will Bar’s Leaks Power Steering Repair help my noisy power steering pump?

    Yes, Bar’s Leaks Power Steering Repair contains special friction modifiers to stop bearing, piston and valve noises inside the pump.

  • Will I have steering if the power steering fails?

    Yes, you will always have steering, but the vehicle will be very difficult to steer.

  • The mechanic said my car has morning sickness. What is this?

    Morning sickness is a condition where the vehicle will be hard to steer in the mornings or when cold. In many cases it will feel as if the power steering is not working at all. The cause of this problem is fluid bypassing worn o-ring seals in the sector shaft (where the shaft from the steering wheel connects to the rack & pinion) or grooves actually worn into the rack. After driving the vehicle and warming the fluid, the problem will usually go away, until the next day. Adding Bar’s Leaks Power Steering Repair will renew these o-rings and the polymer additives will prevent the fluid from bypassing the grooves.

  • Will Bar’s Leaks Power Steering Repair help smooth my rough steering?

    Yes, special lubricity additives will smooth out rough, hard and tight steering.

  • Will Bar’s Leaks Power Steering Repair harm my steering system?

    No, the product is completely safe to use and will not harm any part of the power steering system.

  • My reservoir is not very low, can I just top of the system with Bar’s Leaks Power Steering Repair?

    If you have a very minor leak, you may not be able to add the entire bottle. The product works great for topping off the power steering fluid level any time you need to add fluid. If using for other problems, you need to add at least 1⁄2 of the bottle into the system.

  • What is a power steering system?

    There Are Two Basic Types of Power Steering Systems

    Gearbox (Re-circulating-Ball)
    Most Rear-Wheel & 4-Wheel Drive. The gearbox contains a grooved metal shaft called a worm gear. This gear is threaded into a metal block with ball bearings between the threads to reduce friction. The block turns a pitman arm which is connected by the tie rods to each front wheel.
    Rack & Pinion
    Most Front-Wheel & All-Wheel Drive. The steering shaft connects to a pinion gear inside the metal housing. This pinion gear has teeth on it that mesh with the teeth on the rack. This rack is connected to each front wheel with the tie rod ends.
    Steering Components – Power steering systems are combination of mechanical, hydraulic and some electrical parts.
    Many mechanical parts are required to operate a power steering system. Some of the more important parts are steering shaft, rack & pinion or gearbox and fluid pump.
    The hydraulic system uses a belt-driven fluid pump to create pressure and send this fluid through a high pressure hose to either the rack & pinion or gearbox.
    Some later model vehicles use electronic sensors to detect the power steering fluid pressure and send information to the vehicle computer. The common element between all of the power steering components is the fluid. The fluid touches everything inside the pump, gearbox and rack & pinion. This fluid must lubricate, cool, clean and pressurize for the system to function. In newer systems, the power steering fluid can easily perform these functions. As the vehicle ages and gains more miles, the fluid alone can’t do the job. Internally, pumps whine, gears have play in them, valves stick, seals leak and the fluid quickly breaks down. When installed, Bar’s Leaks Power Steering Repair helps to stop and prevent these problems and enhances the useful life of your power steering system.

Your car has been with you a long time. It has safely gotten you where you need to be all these years. As vehicles gain more miles, however, the power steering system ages and can’t do its job alone. You know the telltale signs: The creaking sound when you try to turn (aka morning sickness), the puddle that forms underneath your car in the driveway. Don’t get caught up with time-consuming and expensive trips to the mechanic to get it fixed. This is when Bar’s Leaks Power Steering Repair comes into play. We offer fast, easy, effective and inexpensive power steering leak repair that gets you back on the road safely.

Once installed, Bar’s Leaks Power Steering Repair helps to stop and prevent these problems and enhances the useful life of your power steering system, and in turn extends the life of your car. Not only do you enjoy the benefit of a low-cost solution, you also enjoy the extra value that comes from a more durable vehicle.

We know you don’t have time to take your car into the shop. You’ll be astonished at how quickly and effectively Bar’s Leaks can repair your steering wheel fluid leak — and how affordably.

Real Solutions to Common Automotive Problems

At Bar’s Leaks, we offer effective chemical repair solutions for a range of automotive problems. Our chemical engineers have developed products that alleviate leaks related to transmission, power steering, cooling systems, head gaskets, engine oil and other subsystems. We’re always innovating to deliver the most up-to-date and effective products as automotive technology adapts and evolves.

Our products are easy to use, too, even if you have no automotive expertise. While our competitors offer products that don’t always work, and that sometimes make things worse, our products fix your leaks quickly and safely. Our products are made right here in the U.S.A., just an hour outside of Detroit. When you have a steering wheel fluid leak that needs a fast and effective solution, turn to Bar’s Leaks, the leader with nearly 70 years of experience serving customers just like you.

Get your power steering leak repair today.

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  • “All I can say is FANTASTIC!! Your Power Steering Repair additive is just that. Before adding your additive I could hardly turn the steering wheel...Now it is as if I just paid the several hundred dollars the mechanic wanted to repair my power steering.

    With over 30 years experience as a licensed private investigator, I rely on hard evidence before giving information in court or to a client and I am at a loss to tell you how very pleased I am with your products.

    I have used your radiator stop leak products but had never heard of your power steering repair product. And as far as I know you have never advertised it. I have no idea as to how these miracle additives work but I have the hard evidence they do. Thanks for your fantastic products... (P. S. - In my business one has to use inconspicuous autos and two that I use are running great with your products.)”

    R. B. - Detroit, MI
  • “I have a 1998 Cadillac Deville, with 80K miles – the rack & pinion had been replaced by Cadillac around 40K miles while still under warranty, as the original rack & pinion “shuttered” as I turned corners at low speed normally while the engine / fluids were cold. The car now is out of warranty, and I now am experiencing “morning sickness” when I start the car after it has sat overnight - the power steering is hard to turn at startup. After discussing the problems with the staff at Bar’s Products, and my special thanks to “Fred”, I added Bar's Power Steering Repair - Part Number 1600 - and the power steering “morning sickness” has gone away. Again, I wish to extend my appreciation to Fred & the staff at Bar's Leaks, for their concern & their ingenious products.”

    M. M. - Dallas, Texas
  • “My 2001 Buick Regal was not handling the cold well in Ohio, and the steering was just about shot. I threw a hail Mary pass by pouring in the Power Steering Repair, and it drove like silk on the next run. This stuff is a miracle in a bottle, no joke. Thank you so much for a fantastic product!”

    Daniel - Bowling Green, OH
  • “Great!”

    Megan B. - San Diego, CA
  • “Very good!”

    Eric C. - Israel, WV