Engine Oil Stop Leak Concentrate (1010)

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Engine Oil Stop Leak Concentrate (1010)

Engine Oil Stop Leak Concentrate is specially formulated to stop and seal motor oil leaks caused by normal engine wear and age. It not only stops leaks, but also prevents them by conditioning and restoring gaskets and seals. Bar's Leaks technology is time-tested and proven effective by the tens of millions of customers we’ve served in over 70 years of doing business. If you have an engine oil leak - or are absolutely wanting to prevent one - we have the solution for you. Contact Us About This Product Find This Product Near You

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  • Will Bar’s Leaks Engine Oil Stop Leak clog my oil filter?

    No. Unlike our cooling system product, Bar’s Leaks Engine Oil Stop Leak has no particles to plug the leak, it works chemically to stop leaks in gaskets and seals.

  • Will Bar’s Leaks Engine Oil Stop Leak work in synthetic oil?

    Yes, Bar’s Leaks is one of the only engine oil stop leaks that is compatible with all petroleum based oils, including synthetics.

  • How does Bar’s Leaks Engine Oil Stop Leak work?

    After time, engine oil seals tend to dry out and shrink. Bar’s Leaks revitalizes these seals and makes them soft and pliable again.

  • How much Bar’s Leaks Engine Oil Stop Leak do I install?

    Our 1010 (11 oz.) is designed for one bottle to be installed in a standard passenger car or light truck. Do not overfill. For larger systems, use 1 bottle for every 5 quarts of oil capacity. On small 4 cycle engines, use approximately 2 ounces per quart of capacity.

  • If first application does not completely stop leak, may I add another bottle?

    Yes, you can install a second application for hard to stop leaks. If your leak still persists after a second application, then mechanical attention may be required.

  • If I install more than the required amount, will it work faster or better?

    No, we have formulated our product to work best at the suggested dosage amount.

  • How long does it take to start working?

    Bar’s Leaks Engine Oil Stop Leak starts working the minute you install and start driving the vehicle. You will usually see results in about 200 miles or three (3) days of driving.

Engine components can wear down over time, and eventually cause leaks. You usually don’t notice until you see the telltale sign of a puddle collected underneath where your car is parked. Then, you start worrying about the time and money needed to stop an engine oil leak. Lucky for you, we created the easy-to-use Bar’s Leaks Engine Oil Stop Leak Concentrate.

You don’t need any automotive expertise to use Bar’s Leaks, the best engine oil stop leak on the market. If you know how to pop your hood, you can use our stop engine oil leak solution.

Fast, effective and affordable, Bar’s Leaks offers the best engine oil stop leak for the everyday driver. You no longer have to fear that puddle gathering in your garage or driveway. At Bar’s Leaks, our commitment is to getting you back on the road as quickly as possible. We talk to hundreds of customers every week, so we know what problems car owners are running into.

This product works with ALL gasoline and diesel engines using conventional, high mileage and synthetic engine oil. Did we mention it’s easy to use? Check out Bobby and Caitlin in the how-to video to learn how you can safely and quickly install this product yourself.

Innovative Solutions for All Car Owners

There’s nothing worse than discovering a problem with your car. Repairs can be time-consuming and expensive. At Bar’s Leaks, we exist to help everyday drivers like you take care of a range of automotive issues related to leaking power steering, cooling systems, transmissions, head gaskets and more. Our engine oil stop leak product is the result of careful research and testing conducted by our team of top-flight chemical engineers. You’ll find that the market is full of stop engine oil leak products, but many of those products don’t stop engine oil leaks, and some can even make your situation worse. When you choose Bar’s Leaks, rest assured you’re getting the best engine oil stop leak product on the market — one that will work quickly, effectively and affordably.

Made in the U.S.A., just an hour outside of Detroit, Bar’s Leaks is the engine oil stop leak provider that designs products that fit into your budget and lifestyle. Trust us with chemical repair solutions for your vehicle, and discover what tens of millions of drivers have already discovered — Bar’s Leaks works.

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