Let me preface by saying I don’t know much about cars. I only know that I’ve had horrible luck with them. I’ve done a lot of work and maintenance on my Ford Escape 2005. The first time it was overheating, was because the fans were broken. After I got them replaced, the car ran good until it got a leak somewhere in the reservoir/tubes to the radiator. For months I had to keep dumping coolant/water into the reservoir EVERY SINGLE TIME I needed to get to work or even just go down a few blocks cause it would start leaking badly after just a few minutes of putting it in

I tried for weeks to find the leak but could never find it. I was skeptical that the Cooling System Repair (1150) was going to work, but I tried it at the recommendation of a friend. I am happy to say that it definitely works. In my case my car is still overheating but at least a lot less faster, and I haven’t had to add any coolant or water for a week now. Just remember to SHAKE WELL!

– Roxas Hulse – Hialeah FL

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