Where is my Power Steering Fluid Leaking From?

Power steering fluid leaks are relatively common on older cars. Power steering leaks often start small and only occur when you’re driving your car, so they’re often difficult to detect. You don’t always get a noticeable puddle on your garage floor like you do with other automotive fluid leaks, which is why it’s important to check your power steering fluid level on a regular basis and watch for a drop in the fluid level.

But aside from puddles and other visual evidence that something is wrong with your power steering system, there are some telltale signs that you have a power steering fluid leak:

  • A noticeable drop in the level of fluid in the reservoir
  • A difference in feel when steering your car, especially at low speeds – a sticky, sluggish feeling called ‘morning sickness’
  • A whine or noise coming from your power steering pump when you steer, especially at parking lot speeds

1600If you have any of these symptoms, it’s time to act. Waiting can often make the problem worse and cause significant damage, especially if you drive with no fluid at all. Don’t top off your power steering fluid without stopping the leak. A power steering leak can come from several different areas and in most cases will continue to get worse as time goes on if you don’t fix it. Power steering fluid can leak from:

  • Seals and gaskets in your power steering rack
  • Junctions between your reservoir, lines and rack
  • The power steering pump itself

Thankfully, there’s a Bar’s Leaks product to cure your power steering fluid leak no matter where it is. Our specially formulated stop leak products seal all types of leaks and allow you to keep driving without costly and time-consuming power steering system repairs. Simply pour in a bottle of our Power Steering Repair or Power Steering Stop Leak Concentrate to make your fluid leak go away. These are proven, industry-tested formulations, and they’ve sold over 2M bottles in the USA. They work.

There’s never a need to panic when you discover an automotive fluid leak. Instead, turn to the stop leak expert for affordable and easy-to-use products that are formulated to work with all vehicles and all engine fluids. Our power steering stop leak products will allow you to enjoy many more miles out of your vehicle without having to touch the costly components of your power steering system.

If you have questions about your power steering problem, we can help. Hit us up on Facebook, or simply contact us and we’ll have someone get back to you right away.

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