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Synthetic Oil vs. Conventional Oil

There are two major types of engine oils: synthetic oils and conventional (also called regular) oils. Blended oils, a mixture of the two, are also available, but they are less common. These oils are known as synthetic blends.

Today, though, we wanted to talk about the major differences between synthetic and conventional oils. While either oil can be used in most vehicles, there are some applications where one is preferred over the other. Our Bar’s Leaks customer support team members are experts in engine fluids, and we wanted to share some of these important differences so that you can make the right choice for your car, truck, van or SUV.
Synthetic Oil
The molecules in synthetic oil are engineered to give the best mix of lubrication, protection, performance…

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5 Things We Do To Destroy Our Engines And How To Stop Doing So

Here’s the bad news: without even realizing it, you’re likely doing damage to your engine every time you drive it. There are a few things all of us do that reduce the performance and reliability of our engines and can destroy them over time. Be aware of the top five things we do that should be avoided:

Lack of fluids: Letting our engine oil, coolant, transmission fluid and other fluid levels drop below the minimum levels is a common problem. It only takes a moment to check and top-off your fluids, so take care of your fluid levels on a regular basis to avoid fluid starvation, overheating, insufficient lubrication and more. Obviously, the number one culprit here is leaks, and we have all sorts of…