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How to Fix Engine Block Cracks and Leaks

A leak or crack in your engine block can lead to a messy, intimidating affair. You’re probably thinking about the complexity and cost involved in repairing or replacing your engine and how you’ll have to live without your vehicle for an extended period. Thankfully, there’s a better way to fix engine block cracks and leaks. With Bar’s Leaks, you can take care of leaks without physically replacing any components. Catching the problem before it becomes too severe is key.

We have specially formulated our products to address the source of leaks and stop them, permanently. Your engine block can leak for different reasons, including:

Cracks and damage due to wear, overheating or an accident
Leaks between the…

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Why Would a Blown Head Gasket Cause Overheating?

The coolant in your vehicle’s engine serves an important purpose: it removes heat from your engine. This heat is created during the combustion process, as your engine fires and ignites the fuel and air mixture that makes the pistons move up and down. Some early engines didn’t have coolant and instead relied on air to cool the engine. Modern engines are much more high-performance than traditional air-cooled engines and require efficient cooling systems to keep them running at the right temperatures.

Your head gasket is an important component in your cooling system. It not only creates a seal between your engine block and head, it also channels coolant for optimal engine cooling. A blown head gasket can…

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