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4 Little Known Facts That Can Boost Your Fuel Economy

While there are some commonly known ways to get better fuel economy — use a higher grade of fuel, a clean air filter, new plugs and wires, etc. — there are several other lesser-known facts that can help improve your fuel mileage, if even a little bit. If changing your vehicle to a newer, more fuel-efficient model isn’t an option, consider these simple methods of obtaining better fuel economy:

Remove dead weight: This is the biggie – no pun intended (well, maybe a little). Carrying around extra weight you don’t need in your trunk and car really cuts into your fuel economy. That is why most modern cars don’t have a spare tire and instead include a tire repair kit and lightweight inflator. Consider removing…

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3 Things You Might Not Know About Engine Oil

You might count on engine oil every day to keep your vehicle’s engine running smoothly, but how much do you know about automotive oils? Our Bar’s Leaks experts have put together a list of the three things you might not know about engine oil so that you can better appreciate why keeping your oil clean and topped up is important.

1. What Does Engine Oil Do?
Engine oil provides a layer of lubrication between moving metallic components, including your pistons, cylinders, rockers, valves and more. Metal-on-metal contact without oil generates huge amounts of heat and can quickly destroy an engine. Your engine oil also collects combustion deposits, which is why engine oil does not last forever and needs to be changed on a regular basis.
2. What Does…

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