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How to Fix a Blown Head Gasket Affordably

Blown head gasket repair has traditionally been considered an expensive headache. Typically, it would involve removing the head of your engine, pulling off the blown gasket, cleaning the block and head surfaces, reinstalling the gasket and bolting the head back in place — taking care to get the head bolts tightened properly. This all adds up, big time, and it’s not anyone’s idea of a fun weekend.

With today’s complex engines, mechanically fixing a blown head gasket involves removing many auxiliary parts and accessories. In the case of older engines, it can mean replacing tired old parts that are worn or broken. As you can imagine, this quickly becomes a long and expensive affair. A head gasket itself is expensive to purchase, and when you…

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Your Options for Fixing a Blown Head Gasket

Your car’s head gasket is a simple piece of metal coated in a rubber-like material, and yet head gasket failure is one of the single most crippling ailments an engine can face. We talk to customers every day about it. To understand why this is such a big deal, you need to understand the important role your head gasket plays in your engine’s health.

What Does a Head Gasket Do?
In the simplest terms, your engine can be separated into two major sections. The top of the engine, where valves control airflow in and out of the cylinders and fuel is introduced to the cylinder bank, is called the head. The…

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What Causes a Blown Head Gasket?

A blown head gasket is a major pain. At the very least, a leak in your head gasket means your vehicle is off the road for repairs, and in the worst cases, your engine can suffer major damage and you could wind up scrapping the car. It’s important to understand what can cause a blown head gasket, so you can be aware of the symptoms and react before it’s too late.

When you react in time with help from Bar’s Leaks head gasket repair products, you can avoid costly and time-consuming physical repairs.
The Causes
To start, you need to be able to recognize the signs of a blown head gasket. Your head gasket is a metallic seal that…

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