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Why is my Car Leaking Oil When Parked on a Hill?

Depending on the cause and location of an engine oil leak, you may not detect it all the time. Sometimes an oil leak will only present itself when you’re parked on an incline. Even if this kind of leak doesn’t appear all the time, you need to take action once you notice it. Any engine oil leak means you’re losing oil and you risk running your engine without enough oil for lubrication and cooling. Oil leaks are bad, and we’ve seen what happens when they’re ignored for too long. Hint: nothing good.

If you only notice an engine oil leak when you’re parked in an incline, it might be because:

Your engine oil leak is on one…

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Where is my Power Steering Fluid Leaking From?

Power steering fluid leaks are relatively common on older cars. Power steering leaks often start small and only occur when you’re driving your car, so they’re often difficult to detect. You don’t always get a noticeable puddle on your garage floor like you do with other automotive fluid leaks, which is why it’s important to check your power steering fluid level on a regular basis and watch for a drop in the fluid level.

But aside from puddles and other visual evidence that something is wrong with your power steering system, there are some telltale signs that you have a power steering fluid leak:

A noticeable drop in the level of fluid in the reservoir
A difference in feel when steering your car, especially at…

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