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How to Stop a Transmission Leak

Stopping a transmission leak sounds like a complicated task. Many car owners think that a transmission fluid leak automatically means an expensive and costly visit to the mechanic. Thankfully, there’s a much faster and more affordable solution. At Bar’s Leak, we offer a range of industry-proven transmission leak repair products that are designed to make quick work of stopping your transmission fluid leaks, so you can get back on the road. We know – we’ve been in the leak business for over 70 years.

Transmission leaks can come from several places:

Leaking gaskets or seals (including transmission fluid pan)
Transmission cooler or cooling line leaks
A hole or puncture in your transmission casing

If you develop a leak…

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Why do Transmissions Leak

Your automatic transmission has several different seals designed to keep your transmission fluid inside your transmission. If any of these seals fail, they allow transmission fluid to leak. A low transmission fluid level can quickly become a major problem if you drive without enough fluid. Because of this, it is important to watch for transmission fluid leaks and repair the problem as soon as you detect it. Trust us, we’ve talked to dozens of customers who’ve let a transmission leak linger for too long.

Leaking transmission seals can occur for several reasons:

Overheating: If your transmission has been run with old or low transmission fluid, excess heat can damage your seals. When seals overheat, they start to crack…

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