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How to Fix a Radiator Leak Quickly

If you’ve ever gone out to start your car and seen a puddle of coolant underneath, you know what a hassle it is. When your engine coolant has leaked out, it’s important not to start your engine. You risk overheating and causing major damage. Thankfully, there is a fast, easy and reliable solution: Bar’s Leaks coolant system repair products.

As with all under-the-hood leaks, it’s important to react as soon as you detect a coolant leak. At the first sign of leaking coolant or low coolant levels, think about addressing the problem before it becomes a major one. We suggest you follow a few simple steps to fix your radiator leak quickly and get back on…

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What Causes a Car Radiator Leak?

Your radiator is responsible for cooling your engine and keeping it running at the proper temperature. A leak in your radiator not only creates a risk for overheating and engine damage, but it also creates a potential risk of engine fire. It’s important to do occasional checks of your radiator and cooling system to address any leaks as soon as you detect them.

Where Radiator Leaks Can Occur
There are several possible locations and causes of radiator leaks:

The radiator core itself. Most automotive radiators consist of long tubes welded into a header, with tanks at either end and fins between the tubes for air cooling. Modern radiator cores are typically made from aluminum, but older vehicles may…

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